• Popular, not correct.

    The real problem is not so politically correct terms but their issues. Because certain sides of issues are more popular, some people view them as correct. Sorry but just because a view is popular does not make it right. A big example is the antisemitic views that were popular in most of Europe prior to WWII. You could look at the Nazi party as the politically correct movement for it's time as they backed ideas that would be considered politically correct, especially in Germanic society.

  • Yes it is It causes people, including those in power, to sensor them selves and others, to avoid sounding racist or sexist. In Rotherham for example authorities allowed Pakistani gangs to abuse 1400 girls because they didn't want to be called racist. Some people don;t see what a problem it is but they can educate them selves by reading my forum.

  • Don't get carried away!

    You have the right to say anything you want, but people also have the right to insult whatever comes out of your mouth (and you have the right to insult theirs).... As long as they don't use violence/force to shut you up. The problem with those who oppose PC is because they often forget that they aren't just fighting PC itself, they are fighting the censorship that comes with it... And instead of fighting censorship, they are taking one form of censorship (PC- censorship of the majority) and replacing it with another (Political Incorrectness- censorship of the minority). Because of this, I am completely neutral on the problem of political correctness.

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Dilara says2016-02-14T20:43:46.797
Over -sensitivity
1. University of Wisconsin released a list of "racial macroaggressions" for students to avoid. They include: Saying you are not a racist, asking an Asian person for help in math or science, saying there is only one race--the human race, saying that America is a melting pot, saying you do not see race, believing the most qualified person regardless of race, should get the job, saying you have black friends, telling a black person who is being too loud to be quiet, and telling an Asian or Hispanic person who is being too quiet to speak up
2. Members of the Atascocita High School marching band in Texas were suspended by Humble ISD for presenting the Summer Creek High School marching band with a gift basket that contained watermelons and watermelon gum, during a football gamehttp://abc13.Com...
3. Seth Boyden Elementary School in Maplewood New Jersey d banned Halloween to be more "inclusive."
Shutting down free speech and policing language.
4. According to data compiled by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, since 2000, 240 campaigns have been launched at U.S universities, preventing public speakers from appearing at campus events, most of them occurring since 2009
5. Many universities have "safe spaces" where students can go to get way from facts and opinions they don't like.
6. Many universities have trigger warnings that warn people when they are about to hear words or ideas they don't like.
7.Kansas university banned gender pronouns last year.
PC causes authorities and civilians to ignore and cover up crime done by ethnic minorities so they don't sound racist.
8. In Rotherham England between 1997 and 2013 gangs of Pakistani men abused 1400 girls. Authorities knew about the abuse but allowed it to continue because they were afraid of being called racist.
9. Police in Germany have been covering up rape done by Muslim migrants.
10. In Ellwagen Germany migrants have been rioting during church service, sexually harassing women, stealing, killing pets, dealing drugs in the playground and committing other crimes. The residents are afraid to talk about what is happening because they will be called racist. Like in Rotherham they are censoring them selves to be PC.
11. Finnish police have been ordered by the country"s national police board not to publicly identify immigrants as criminal suspects to not cause a "racist backlash."
12. In 2010, during the Iowa State Fair, several African American teenagers declared a "beat whitey night" and beat up random white fair goers. During an interview with a local ABC affiliate, about the incident, police spokeswoman Lori Lovarato made the told the truth about what happened and was fired as a result.
Proponents of PC ruin the lives of people who disagree with them.
13. 10. Tim Hunt, a scientist and professor at University College London, made a joke self degrading about women in science during the World Conference of Science and Journalism, in Seoul, South Korea and he was fired for it.
14. When the European Space Agency landed a robot called Philae on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, mission scientist Dr. Mat Taylor, gave a press conference, about it, wearing a shirt that a female friend had made for him, that depicted women with bikinis. PC third wave feminists and others complained about his shirt, eventually forcing him to apologize on live TV, while crying.
PC causes a sense of entitlement, narcissism, hostility, bratiness and immaturity among its proponents.
15. A mob of entitled SJW Students at the University of Guelph, in Canada were caught on camera intimidating administrators, including Associate Vice-President Brenda White , yelling, "You will give us the respect that we ask of you," and presenting a list of demands.
16. Jonathan Butler a black graduate from the University of Missouri whose dad is worth 20million dollars interrupted a parade that the universities president Tim Wolfe was a part of. Butler ran into Mr Wolfes car and pushed against it, and later lied saying that Wolfe hit him on purpose. Butler lied because he was so entitled. 2:50
17. Nicholas Christakis, the master of Silliman College at Yalesurrounded by students after he defended an email sent out by his wife, telling students to allow others to wear "offensive Halloween costumes" and ignore or challenge them. One entitled SJW swore at him, for not wanting to sensor speech.