• Consoles are restrictive and expensive....

    PC games go for a similar cost if you buys them from the shelf, but unlike Console games, PC has the ability to digitally purchase the full content.

    Additionally, the PC can emulate the console experience, but the Console cannot emulate the PC experience.

    Finally.....PCs can be upgraded at component level, while consoles require a full system replacement for hardware improvements.

  • PC is ahead in tech

    Although I'm not sure which is more popular, I like PC gaming. Don't get me wrong I'm not going to hate on any console, this is just my opinion. But one major supporting thing for me is the technology. I think that the processors and stuff are faster in PCs. Yeah you can build crappy computers, and lots of people do. But a state of the art, virus free computer with only a few games on it, in comparison to any console, I think that the PC will be faster. If you have a good video-card and monitor I think the PC will look better to.

  • Yes console companies force purchase of accessories

    A computer and internet are crucial for every household. With just those two you can play PC games. Console games force you to keep buying new consoles, there is no keyboard unless you buy the accessory and you also have to buy the games separately. Lots of PC games are taking the free-to-play route with microtransactions, you have to buy console games and still don't get all the downloadable content on the first purchase. Granted you need a souped up gamer PC to play the latest titles but from what I heard people that learn to do this pay less than those pre-built models for the pieces and can replace them whenever they want for less price than a high end console and it's accessories. Also why do you think consoles have gone the "playing online" route which was particularly what PC gaming was known for? They had to keep up with the competition somewhat. What's also great about PC gaming is that you can sneakily play games while you're working and your boss won't know.

  • Real gamers use PC's.

    1. Price. Consoles are NOT cheaper. With all the overpriced hardware (controllers, adapters, extras) and the very expensive games, console users are spending way to much money.
    2. Customization. When I am buying a PC, I can choose what hardware I am getting. Consoles are PC's too, but dumbed down and not customizable.
    3. Upgrading. I can upgrade the video card in my PC. Try that with your Xbox, loser.
    4. Mouse/Keyboard. While it's possible to plug in a keyboard into a console, only very few console games support it. Mouse and keys are still the best way to play games, especially FPS. Maybe fighting games are the only kind of game where you need a controller. But that's because they are build for controller use after all. But I can plug in a controller in my PC just fine.
    5. Graphics. PC game visuals are better. Period.
    6. Mod support. PC games can be modded/patched. Plenty of free mods out there that will enhance your gaming experience immensely.
    7. Free stuff. Soooo many apps and games out there for free. But only on PC.
    8. Free Internet. No need to pay for extra services on your PC. Just regular ISP fees. Console users however, have to pay extra for online service.
    9. Consoles are made for STUPID PEOPLE. PC hardware dumbed down. They took away all those buttons that are too complicated for the average moron.

  • PC kicks consoles down.

    Consoles have nothing on the PC. NO mods for consoles. Need I say more? Consoles are restricted to online services, and they cannot bear unlimited memory. Also, tons upon tons of more games are on the PC, sure there are console exclusives, but there are way more PC exclusives out there.

  • Console is Inferior in Every Way

    At a console's release, it will usually either match or be slightly better or worse than the graphics of a PC of the same era. Within a year this is no longer true. PC technology constantly updates, upgrades, and can be switched out for better, faster, prettier gear. By the end of a console's lifetime, it's so far out of date it's depressing.

  • PC Gaming Better than Consoles

    PC gaming is absolutely better than gaming on consoles because the graphics are better and the expansiveness of gameplay is greater. Games on the PC come with more features and more solid gameplay without glitches and connectivity issues. Therefore, gamers should always consider playing on the PC rather than on a gaming console.

  • Pc,Killing spree, see?

    Please we all know pc Rules over the gaming kingdom. Reason for that is not only is it upgradeable, not only can you use your mouse and keyboard, But you can do just about anything on it. Let me put it this way

    Console- Games are NOT mod capable like pc. You want a lightsaber in Skyrim WELL TO BAD! Microsoft says thats unfair on xbox and bans you(Not really) Sony says oh look you want something too bad we cant afford to do that since we got to keep hackers from destroying the Online Servers(overloading them like before)
    Pc- OH you want a Lightsaber sure *download* *install* *launch* there you go! Want to make it blow everything up *edit coding* There you go! Go kill everything with your lightsaber that throws chickens that are explosive!

    Also some games you can play with console players with pc. FF14:ARR for example PS3 and PS4 are on there with me and they dont mind my pc and i dont mind their PS3 cause of it we both have different playstyles but they have keyboards and mice hooked up too(sometimes)

    PC will always rule cause if pc cant rule nothen can.

  • PC offer more... If you know what you are doing

    Pricier than console (Although that depends heavily on whether you know which hardware to buy or not), but lets not forget the fact that PC is not just a gaming machine. It can do just about anything, if you have the required device, of course.

    For example, you want to play games with your friend via the Internet. On PS, you are locked with official server, or you can create your own room, but still via official server. On PC, by contrast, you can still play via official server, or you can create your own server (On some titles only, of course). That being said, setting up server (especially to allow connection from the internet) is not always easy.

    By the way, I have seen many arguments that console gaming offers better experience because they have larger screen and better audio.... Wait... That's not even a component of the console itself!! I am not sure why so much arguments are based on that. A PC can happily play on great (For some people, LARGE) screen, and great audio.

    So, I'd say if you know the tech, go with PC. If you don't, or just would like to play games without concerning the techs, go with console. Console is for gamers who would like to play games out of the box, and PC is for gamers who like freedom, and like to do things on their own. Oh, I forgot to mention, some people who like graphic details AND have the money AND know the how-to should definitely go with PC. Currently PC offer "10%.....Errr slightly better graphics" in some titles (albeit hard to notice).

    Oh, last thing to mention, I don't like console that much because in this console vs PC war, a lot of console supporters are fan boys. I am not saying that all console supporters are fan boys or all PC supporters are not. But, go Google "Consoles are better than PCs" or "PCs are better than consoles", and you will know.

  • Yes, very much.

    I think people tend to go about this the wrong way. What do consoles do well? Games...That's it! Everything else they do they only sorta do well, if at all. My gaming PC not only does games better, but it's better for video playback, music playback, internet browsing, video editing, programming, writing papers, emailing, spread sheeting, photoshop, storing local data, and on, and on.

    Consoles really are a complete ripoff for what you get.

    Consider that an XB1 costs $500. Consider that if you want to play multiplayer for the probably 8 year lifespan of the console that's another $480. Consider that a game like Batman Arkham Origins costs $60 on console, and you can get it for $40 on gamefly for PC. BF4, a next-gen game, is $60 on console but you can get it for $48 on gmg. Titanfall is $60 on console but $48 on gmg. Saints Row 4 is $60 on console but $38 on gmg. SC Blacklist is $60 on console but $48 on gamefly. The list goes on.

    If you save $15 a game for 30 games over 8 years, which is not even 4 games a year, you'll save $450 which you would have paid on console. If you buy more games that's even more savings. Not to mention steam sales. (even 50-90% off!)

    So far that's $1430 spent on console. For that same price you can get a great PC for $1000 or less and have money to update your gpu down the road so that you'll always have the best tech. On console you just spent that money on more expensive games, which have better graphics on PC anyway and mod support for a lot of them, and multiplayer which is free on PC.Even factoring in PC upgrades a PC is still cheaper than a console.

    Console is downright expensive when you consider that on PC you get a machine that blows away consoles graphically, with support for mods, more precise controls, more exclusives including entire exclusive genres, cheaper games, more game sales, free multiplayer, backwards compatibility, customization, ability to upgrade, etc, for the same price. And a PC does much, much more than just games, Netflix and Skype.

  • PC aint worth crap

    PC gets a virus. Then you get stolen info and have to replace/reset your whole computer. Consoles are better or as good as 99% of all computers used in gaming. You can buy your games online as well as on PC so that argument is invalid. There are WAY more player. You get the classics, and exclusives. Sure PC get exclusives but they suck! Ya you can use an emulator but that defeats using your stupid computer to play.

  • Console made for gaming

    Consoles are made for gaming and it's cheaper as well. Also the feel of the controller is much more satisfying than just using a keyboard and a mouse. Also with the PS4 and Xbox one you now have the kinect and PlayStation camera which adds a whole new dimension. The camera and kinect can do so much with the facial recognition, voice recognition, giving commands and etc.

  • I believe people who believe pc is more superior than consoles have not done enough research

    First of all, many people believe pc is cheaper. That's not true. It takes a lot more money just to build a pc to perform the same as a console. People are also saying games are cheaper for pc? Not true, reason they think this is because they are comparing indie games and 2-5 year old game prices with the new gen games. It's like bringing up prices of last gen console games which go as low as $3-10. Not only that, but keeping up do date with upgrading you're pc almost everytime a new game comes out can add up even more money. With a console you don't have to worry about upgrading least 6-10 years.
    Furthermore, people state there are more exclusives on pc than on console. This is actually true, BUT consoles have many exclusives with perfect scores of 10/10. Pc doesn't even have one exclusive game in his history with a perfect score. This just shows how consoles strive for quality over quantity.
    Online is free for pc, yes. However, paying $3.80 for online on console had its ups. Online gameplay for console insures you get the best online experiennce, such as free games every month and many other features it provides for its users as well.
    As for graphics, if you can afford building a good pc that can exceeds a console performance than yes you'll be able to get better graphics, which in my opinion is not noticable. But the price of exceeding a gaming console to achieve this is much more expensive.
    At the end of the day, everyone has their own preference but i just don't like it when people throw out lies about how pc is so much superior than consoles and give many false statements about the comparisons between the two.

  • PC, only good to flatter your ego.

    I am not saying it is bad. In fact, although I don't have a powerful laptop, I do have a bunch of games in it. Although I won't deny the PC's superiority in term of graphics and hardware power, I am sick of people looking down on people who play on consoles.

    And you should not rate the price you pay vs the graphic or power, but rather The price you pay vs the enjoyement you get out of it. Paid 250$ for my PS3 2 years ago. Paid 400$ for my laptop a year ago. Paid 350$ for a WiiU 2 and a half year ago. I play on my PS3 a lot more... And I'm soon to get a PS4 ;)

  • Consoles are worth it

    PC gaming is really expensive....U need to spend a lot of bucks for PC and than upgrade it every six months....Instead console can last for 2-3 years and its cheaper even though we get less graphics but still it never staggers because there is a fps lock....Also some games like god of war are not for PC ...So I suggest console gaming

  • Price wise, you are extremely limited.

    I was told to go into PC gaming as it was far superior in every way. My only rules where that the PC needed to be a laptop and that it had to be equivalent or less than that of a console. You will not succeed. Currently and Xbox one can be obtained for $350 yet to get a remotely playable console, $500 is the minimum price if you happen to be unbelievably lucky. Additionally I demanded a laptop because a PC would basically be the same as a console only without the couch and giant TV , I wanted to be able to do school work as well. Bottom line, with PC's you need money, knowledge, and must be able to tolerate elitists and give up console exclusives along with actually playing next to a friend or sibling.

  • Consoles actually work!

    PC gamers just don't realize how much money they spend fixing their PCs. Never in my life have I had a computer that works well. Never in my life have I even met people that have good computers. Unfortunately their just aren't a lot of computers that aren't crap. I have rarely seen someone come up to me and say that his PlayStation stopped working without any indication. If people want good computers, that work well, they have to pay thousands of dollars. The only alternative is to buy a bunch more computers. Consoles are reliable machines, and computers fall apart without a warning.

  • I really don't care but...

    Personally I can't work with a keyboard, I just prefer a controller, I agree that the PC is cheaper, but I've personally had a bad experience with them. I've went through three and each one takes ten minutes to open up word, whereas the consoles that I've been through work perfectly even online is great. And I love some of the console exclusives. But what I really hate is PC gamers who always make out that they are the superior. If it wasn't for us videogames would not exist today (referring to the video game crash). I don't think it should be voting that decides which is better, I think its your own opinion. I'm neutral but I had to choose a side to post this, and I grew up with consoles so I chose console to post this thanks for reading. Ps I'm using an iPad to post this not a PC so don't get any ideas

  • PC's great....For people who have know-how and money

    I have ALWAYS wanted a gaming PC, but let's be honest; I am not a computer wizard, and I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to buying a PC that operates at the same functional level of console. With PC, the price range of video cards and components can be INFINITE, making the whole process of customization very confusing. For the average person who doesn't have the time to care about the bajillion EASY, thoughtless, brainless video games that come out now, arguing over which is better seems pointless. I give up, screw PC club and screw console club.

  • Pc gaming is stupid

    I've always been a console gamer and it is better than a pc. Why go through the trouble spending big bucks on a PC? Consoles are more fun and easier to play games, just plug the console up and there you go. Games aren't all about graphics, it is all about having fun.

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