Is PC gaming better than Playstation or Xbox gaming?

Asked by: wateva232
  • PC gaming is the best.

    I think that PC gaming is way much better than any console ever made. If we look at first-person or third-person shooters, I think that the keyboard and mouse are the ultimate way to play Call of Duty or Assassins Creed. You have superior control over the character, unlike PS or Xbox controllers which I believe are only good for sports games.

    Strategy games like Red Alert or Age of Empires or Rome are no way to be played with a controller, only the mouse and keyboard. Online gaming is another story but PC definitely wins in this area.

    Price is also important. You pay a lot of money for a console so you can only play games, while a PC is for everything including gaming and it rocks. I bought a Lenovo Y580 for 1k and man does games really play as smooth as hell. In consoles, you have to buy every game which will cost you much more than if you only bought a PC (Torrents anyone ;) ).

    The only downside are the games that are only released for consoles, but in comparison of the ups and downs of both. PC WINS. Cheers.

  • If you can swallow the price, absolutely.

    My PC cost in the range of 2k, but I really splurged on it. I can run nex-gen games with graphics superior to the One or PS4 without the slightest bit of lag. My current Skyrim save has (I counted) 104 mods active, with at least a quarter to a third being high-res texture mods, and again, not the slightest bit of lag.

    Torrents allow you to get games for free, or if you want to be legal, Steam sells everything cheap. Ports allow you to play console-exclusive games (I have a Pokemon Emerald save on my desktop thanks to emulators), and the internet is a plethora of games for free all on its own.

    Still though, you can get a good PC for 600 or less if you're frugal, but if you can swallow the price, PC gaming is infinitely better.

  • PC gaming is cheaper in the long run and better

    Gaming consoles are around 500 bucks and I'm sure many of us remember the Yellow Light of Death for the PS3 because over heating from extended game play and same fro the Xbox 360 console with the Three Red Ring of Death. PC can over heat but if you install a good cooling then it won't have that problem. But you cannot change the cooling of a game console. Most pro gamers will have water cooling.

    These gaming consoles can go online, play movies but computers can do that and do more. You cannot install Firefox browser for PS4 or Xbox even for the latest game systems. Also what I hate from PS4 is does not play old games, only PS4 games, so if you got PS, PS2 and PS3 games and you got PS4 system you are out of luck, cannot play them anymore. But if you have a old PC game no matter how new your computer is the game will stay play not like game consoles where they lock the system from playing older games unless you jail break it in someway. But what kind of person wants to deal with that. Some people argue you cannot play on the big screen with PC unlike game consoles. Yes you can with PC, most modern TV has a DVI, HDMI or VGA port where you can connect the computer to the TV unless you have a fat old 1995 style TV. AT this point I stopped buying game consoles because every couple of years a new release comes out. For half the price I could just buy a better graphic card and go gaming wild. Also PC graphic can really kill if you do SLI or crossfire so you can deliver madness graphic power.

    Also video game systems once they break down, lets say the DVD drive breaks then you have to send it in and pay $ 150.00 or more to get it fixed once your warranty is gone after one year. But if your gaming PC DVD drives break down all you have to do is pay $ 30 to 45 bucks for a new one and your good instead of 150.00. I can install a Blue Ray in my computer for cheaper price than that. I agree with the folks above PC gaming is better, its been here for while and game console gaming won't beat PC gaming.

    I just see too many benefits of doing PC gaming over game console gaming.

  • Yes, by far

    1.Any game that is on consoles can be played on PC. EMULATORS
    2.The graphics are much better
    3.Flash games. I have yet to see a console playing flash games
    4.Many more indie games, some of which have incredible concepts, and they are always available first on the PC.
    5.Much more dynamic system. If you wanted to just casual game, then you can buy a normal PC. If you like hardcore graphics like Crysis, then you would want to get a gaming computer. You can build them, and you can have more CPU reliant, or more GPU reliant, depending on which games you play, and everyone's computer is different and unique.

  • Much, MUCH, BETTER

    PC gaming is far more multipurpose than any gaming console. I have yet to see a console perform online as good as a PC. Don't get me wrong console are good for gaming and watching movies but that's it. A PC can do all of the above and more, keep in mind however that my opinion is a little biased.

  • I though this was obvious enough

    Not only are you getting a gaming pc to play on, but your pc will last forever as long as you upgrade the graphics,cpu,ram etc. every year or two.Also you need to understand you arent limited t all, you can use you're pc to record games for free,start a yt channel,animate and download programs whereas a xbox or playstation, you have to pay to play online, which sucks, and you need to constantly upgrade to the new new one so yeah pc is better. And lastly a pc is more powerful.

  • PC The Master Race

    I have been playing PC since my childhood but the reasons I am saying this is because I have also play both Xbox's as well as all 4 Playstation's. The reason for PC being better is you can keep on making your PC better because people who make PC parts and components keep on making them better as well as How fancy they look. Plus their coming out with 3D virtual Reality and their try to make a 128 bit CPU's.

  • Yes, Dramatically So

    Station games are fun, there is no denying that. There is significant research showing that people purchase stations and there games, then enjoy their purchases.

    However, the limitations of station gaming is the problem. When you want to upgrade a PC all you have to do is go out and buy a few parts. Fiscally speaking it is overall cheaper to go PC. The connectivity of computers allows for much better gaming experience. Not to mention the flexibility while playing. Station games are physically limiting, you are forced to use a controller with limited movement options, in regards to fps games and there similar games.
    The options PC gamer's have over station gamer's is remarkable. Listing them would be pointless because of their overtly obvious nature. Station gamer's who say that stations are better haven't really given PC games a real chance, or just had a string of bad experiences.

    Any person who has had long term experiences with both PC and station games would say they are both great, but PC is much better.

    I really wish I had the inclination to cite some of my information but it really doesn't matter to me because station gaming does have an expiration date. Stations are computers, nobody can deny that, they are computers with operating systems and programs. They are just focused, another word for focused in this context is limited. Eventually it will just be PC gamer's that exist, any rational person would come to this logical conclusion.

  • My honest opinion

    PlayStation and Xbox are not bad however there are hackers and especially will focus on playstation and xbox which is why they are hacked more often. Graphics is always guaranteed good for pc because for some games their graphics were bad in ps3 and another factor is pc online multiplayer is free xbox live you have to pay $50 dollars which is a lot in ps4 and xbox one also only ps3 and pc are free which is another point. Its the best for first person shooters which is one of the most popular in gaming ever and is easier for playing on

  • Costs for Pc are astronomical and games don't work

    Most playable gaming computers are $700+ on top of the $60 normal cost of the games. Speaking of games, half of the ones ported to console barely work. So if you want to play any of the bigger titles on your Pc your going to have several setbacks console players do not have. You also need a TON of space on your computer then you have to also buy upgrades to make your Pc better which adds more to the cost. Overall consoles are way less expenses than Pc's and are generally better for the price. ($300 Xbox> $700+ computer)

  • PC gaming is not better than Playstation or Xbox gaming

    The reason that I say that PC gaming is not better is because there is no one type of gaming that is better than the other, its all preference. If you want to play an FPS game then PC is good for that. If you want to play a fighting game then Playstation and Xbox is better for that. It all depends on the games you want to play and what you feel like doing. I am a PC gamer and I don't believe one is better than another.

  • No, it is not better.

    PC gaming isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Sorry not sorry. I'm a hardcore gamer and I play on many platforms including PC. From experience I would have to say that I am quite fond of PlayStation and Xbox as opposed to PC games. I grew up on Sony PlayStation and I like the controller.

  • No, it isn't

    Pc has the most hackers and pirated games to date. You also never really have the best hardware unless you upgrade every 2 months while on console you have a well supported platform for years to come. Also all of the lies about pc like how they have the best graphics or that the games are always 99% are completely false. Consoles also give better performance for price. For example a $300 PS4 is better than a $300 pc. Lastly, pc doesn't even have basic features such as vioce chat.

  • No, it is not

    Pc's are usually very expensive, usually around over one thousand dollars, more depending on the type of computer it is, gaming consoles are usually around 500 dollars, games for pc cost the same amount as games for consoles. This is a personal preference, but I would rather play with a controller, not a mouse and keyboard. If you have a very slow pc, then it will lag alot, consoles usually don't lag as much.

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