• Developers are giving up on pc.

    Above obvious reasons stated on 1000 other sites regarding the simplicity of consoles in comparison to a desktop, game developers are also shifting to consoles. Rampant piracy is one of the reasons, particularly in comparison to consoles. Lets not forget it's a job for game makers and they want money for the hours they give.

    PC just has too many variables for comfort, which is why most people including myself have switched. A lot of time it is quite messy and fragments a pc quite easily, and the big question will it run well anyway.

    Generally the desktop is dying. Not many people have one now, why would they? Technology is progressing.

  • Oh hell no

    Most games are either developed for PC and then console afterwards and even if they did stop making games for the PC, which will never happen, PC's will always have more available power simply because they can be upgraded, PC's also are more available and they offer many more serives such as steam, modding, other apps like f.Lux to help your eyes, so no it isn't dying and it never will

  • No it's not

    Have you checked this amazing website called steam? Well HAVE YOU.
    And minecraft(minecrap and autism the game)and terraria the game with many items lik guns,bombs,swords,magic,events,crafting stations,less kids,

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  • It's not dying but it's not surging either.

    Also, before I begin I want to argue from the standpoint of it's main competitors , which is core console gaming. If you account social media games then yes, PC is going through the roof! However I'm going to stay with the traditional demographics.

    PC gaming has certainly seen a rise in the 5 or 6 years. Major gaming companies realized that despite the console takeover from the 5th gen, PC gaming still had an active community. Couple that with PC gaming becoming cheaper in general and you had a rise in the platform. I think around 2009 is when PC gaming truly began to become a player again in the arena, not just for enthusiasts or elite rig builders, but for the average core gamer. You can debate on the timing but none-the-less, PC gaming has returned.

    Now, what I don't agree with is the notion that it's surging through the competition as some would have you believe. My first thought is the success of consoles. While it's know that the market has hit some lows since 2008, console gaming continues to dominate the majority of company revenues compared to the same games released on PC and the systems continue to fly off the shelves as hot button items throughout the year. I also still see piracy as a serious problem. So bad that many companies even attempted DRM implementations, with Steam and Origin encapsulating the industry in this respect. So I believe that PC gaming isn't dying but it isn't where people say it is, I think it's in a healing or maturing state at the moment and do not see it as a threat to console gaming right now.

    A more subjective opinion: While Steam sales are amazing, I think it cries out as desperation. The reason why you get them so cheap is because no one is buying these games, they're sitting there, and so they have to resort to cutting their prices. Sometimes by 75%!! In some cases it's good but in others, where you have games just released in the same here getting their prices cut in half. That tells me the market is still unhealthy.

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