• It's not a matter of if....It's a matter of when.

    There has always been wars or rumours of wars since the dawn of mankind. I hear people talking about the good ol' days.....But yet those were the days where we had WWII, The Korean war, Vietnam, Iraq, the list is too long to list all the smaller conflicts. We have had "pockets" of peace, but it would be really stupid during those times to not keep our guard up and our military up to par. Peace and freedom are not (and have never been) free.

  • Conflicts everywhere, each hour of the day

    The peace is an illusion, ‘cause everyday, in this world, the conflicts are in this life, the conflicts are the unique things that makes us to give the best of us, and the love too, but the conflicts have been existed forever, and that isn’t going to change, if in the Earth is in peace we have some internal conflicts, and that isn’t peace, the definition that the society had given us about the peace is just an illusion, so what is peace?

  • Peace doesn't mean absence of war. Peace means harmony.

    The world is full of conflicts even today. Humans will always disagree with each other because of inherently conflicting interests. There will always be a point where people take up arms in the defense of those interests which means that war will always be around the corner waiting for the person or group of people dedicated enough to escalate the conflict.

  • Humans ended world-peace

    Ever since mankind left the sea and walk on earth it's been our job to outlived our Neighbours, to kill each other because of difference of opinion, kill because of the difference of language and culture. Peace is just a word for ignorant people, peace ended when humans were made

  • Humanity is just too stubborn to achieve peace.

    Most of humanity value their beliefs, ideologies, properties, and things that make them who they are or what they stand for than the lives of others. People will do anything to be the rightful one and try to make the other one less significant because systems born of two different philosophies can never be compatible. The result is always the same, one tries to make the other submit.

  • I agree with you people

    It's in the blood of life to fight, to expand, to conquer, to ensure it's survival that it has to eventually wage war to attain the resources necessary. Racial divide, Economic statuses to social adders all are form to oppress the less fortunate and when these "less fortunate" out number the oppressors WAR BECOMES INEVITABLE at all levels. I conclude that War is a necessary part of the evolution and any peace we find is just a resting period for armies to regroup and wage war again

  • “A Vision of Peace – or Just an Illusion?”

    I sometimes think that we like to believe that we are the first people to pick up the Bible, read passages like this one from Isaiah, and say, “What a crock.”
    That we are the first ones to say, “Who can believe any of this stuff about a day when the lamb will lie down with the lion, when the government will really be about serving the people, not feathering its own nest, when people will no longer make war upon each other, when all people will know not fear but security.
    Because we know, and people have always known, that this vision of Isaiah’s of the peaceable kingdom is not a vision, it is an illusion, that it is just not natural, that it is against the order of nature that we learned about in science class

  • War is reality, Peace Is Illusion. So long as the human race doesn't try to make this illusion into reality.

    We can not achieve peace if we continue on the road that we have continued to go down for so long. To turn an illusion to reality we need a magician, and the last one we had Martin Luther King Jr. He was one who, for a very short amount of time actually achieved peace in this cursed world. Without more people like that we will never be able to break free of our reality and into an illusionary world of this so called "peace".

  • Three Words? "The human race"

    Quite frankly the human race doesn't know how to love every kind of person.
    We either separate them by saying their a different race.
    Installing a sort of boundary between who is really human and who isn't.
    It is because people can't accept were all just humans with different continent backgrounds and all have some sort of connection that it's impossible to obtain world peace.
    When it comes down to it, we're still just a tiger looking for our next meal.

  • Fighting for power is nature

    Even if we look at animals, humans and all other species. Fighting for power is common. It's something that has always been there and will always be there. There is nothing we can do about it. Even if you waqnt to achieve something in life you have to fight to have the power to own it. Wheter it is money or whatever

  • Peace is too complex to be merely an illusion.

    Peace is so much more than the absence of conflict or suffering. It can be so personal that to believe that it is false idea is extremely narrow minded. Peace is relative to the circumstance, place and person. Even if there is still conflict in the world that does not mean that peace is not real, it does not mean that it cannot be achieved.

  • No it is not.

    Peace is not an illusion is a way that people get along and respect one another even if they do not particularly like each other or enjoy their time together. World peace may never happen in the sense that people want, but we can create a certain amount of peace where we respect the other countries and get along the best we can.

  • Then is war an illusion also?

    If peace is an illusory concept than is not war also an illusory concept by it's casting as a polar opposite? One cannot help to think this and that they are simply two sides of a coin. If we do accept that war is not illusory, then by default therefore peace cannot be illusory.

  • Peace Happens When Economic Strife Disappears

    Peace is not an illusion. There will be peace in the world when economic strife is stricken from humanity. Then humans can focus on the pursuits of life, liberty and happiness. Inner peace is a state of mind, but it is hard to have inner peace without economic stability. When billions of people don't have to worry about their next meal or where they will sleep tonight, then world peace happens.

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