• Hecc yeah boi

    Of course Pearl is best gem! Intelligent, graceful, makes up the best fusions ever! At the same time, her design is just beautiful! I'd like to have her by my side, she'll be someine precious to me! She is the most motherly character in my opinion, from what i see

  • Pearl is absolutely the best gem

    Okay, I'm not even sure where to begin. Pearl is just simply amazing. She's intelligent, beautiful, kind, strong, and an adorable motherly figure towards Steven. I think she's by far the best gem. She's not afraid to show her emotions, even when they may be strange or "wrong." She was made to be a servant. Just a fragile little servant to sit there and look pretty. But she's so much more than that. Despite the reason she was made, she's a strong independent gem. Yes, she makes mistakes, but doesn't everyone? I really don't understand why there's so much hate towards her, I really don't. The whole Rose and Greg situation- there was a ton of deep emotion. It wasn't just "oh I'm a jealous brat and I hate you!" Like some people try to make it. Pearl had strong feelings and dedication towards Rose. Obviously Pearl is a very kind and loving gem. Some people make the argument that she's annoying and over the top and blah blah blah. Take some time to see the beauty and excellence that is the beautiful Pearl. 💕✨

  • She is the best gem!

    Think about it, she actually is the most like a mother to Steven than any other character! Sure, she might do some weird things like watch Steven sleep, but she's only trying to protect Rose's child. She's also pretty graceful for a gem, and she's VERY skilled at sword fighting.

  • Pearl a shit

    Worst waifu with worst ass holy shit you need to post a lot of words here Pearl is literally the devil she tried to murder children and then shrugged it off with 'muh rose' and she's ugly as shit oh my god if you like Pearl you should kill yourself

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