• Yes, it is.

    Pedophile is usually a word interchangeable with child molester, but this simply isn't the case. All pedophilia means is having a sexual attraction to prepubescent children, no molesting required. Pedophiles are born with their sexual attraction, why would they ever choose to be part of one of the most reviled groups in the world? Acknowledging pedophilia as a sexuality and not a mental disorder doesn't mean condoning child marriage or sex with children, it just means that a group of people wouldn't have to keep to themselves about their feelings and have a greater chance ending up acting on their attractions-and I'm certain no one wants that.

  • Does it Really Matter?

    I believe that people have absolutely no control over their sexuality and sexual preferences. Therefore, for someone to be attracted to children is an uncontrollable sexual preference. Although I believe this to be the case, I do not think it is important. Even if it is a "sexuality," there is absolutely no way that it should be accepted or tolerated in society, there is a reason that children at a young age are not attracted back to the "pedophiles." It is simple science. I believe that although it should be thought of as a sexuality, people who are attracted to children should not be allowed to act on such instincts. I think it is important to not let the negative (and rightly so) connotations of the word "pedophilia" get in the way of this debate.

  • Pedophilia is a sexual orientation similar to homosexual

    It's merely just an misleadingly presumption made by the public that a child cannot give informed consent to sex while such kind of presumption does not adequately testify evidence .Society failed to acknowledge that we allow minor to consent to abortion,medical treatment,marriage without parental permission while in order to be able to give valid informed consent you must be capable of understand and proceed the information that is given.If a child can consent to abortion,they can also give consent to sex regardless with whom. Adult should freely allowed express their intimacy in a consenting relationship with anyone who they want.

  • It's just socially odd

    Most pedophile are born in that way just the same manner as gays.While you cannot 100 % assume that they are mental disorder because a mental disorder is not something that you receive it from birth.Also i would argue that children shouldn't always be judge as incapable in given consent since this can be a false presumption and i would be careful with it.Sometimes in some situation many young girls are indeed attracted to older men and wanted to be in sexual relationship.And if an adult are unaware about that the girl lying about her age ,they can land in prison.Studies that prove our brain aren't fully form until 25 are deeply flawed.Our brain will never end in developing and possibly extend to 30 or older because the brain developed through collecting experience and knowledge.Young person under 25 absolutely understand the nature of sexual act and the consequences.Most children are aware about their sexuality and will initiate sexual act when they entered teen years which is (age 11-14).If there are any person who is unable to consent,they would not have any interest in performing sexual act and are sexual inactive.

  • Yes they should be accepted

    Having sex with a child is wrong and should be illegal .But if a pedophile wants to make honeymoon or romantic relationship in which they can express their feeling to children with no causing harm,then it should be allowed.You can have right fall in love with anyone but just don't harm them.

  • Yes they are

    Yes if child rapist deserve to get death penalty or life sentence because these people act without concern.But not all pedophile act like that,and some aren't. I believe there should be one way in which pedophile can express their feeling in way that does not harm children.Please just give them a chance.

  • Yes they are

    The term pedophilia mean sexual attraction toward prepubescent children but not necessary link to child molestation.I believe though we should figure it out how could pedophile express their feeling in an act with children without causing harm but having sex with children should remain wrong and unlawful.I don't mean it.

  • Pedophilia is a feeling not a behavior

    A pedophile, By definition, Is someone who is attracted to pre-pubescent children ages 5-11. That's it. Nothing else.

    It's just a feeling/thought and involves no contact with children whatsoever. In many ways it's just like other sexual preferences like being gay or straight in the sense of the attraction being completely innate and unchosen.

    Many pedophiles have pledged to remain abstinent and not have any contact with children at all. These are known as anti-contact pedophiles or non-offending pedophiles (NOMAPS -non-offending minor attracted persons). Other pedophiles are pro-contact and see nothing wrong with wanting to have sexual contact with children. Whether pedophilia is OK or not is up to you.

    In short, Yes pedophilia is a sexuality. If you're against it then you should support efforts to destigmatize it so that we can help pedophiles do a better job of remaining abstinent. Either way, For or against, We should move towards being a society that doesn't demonize innocent people who have never harmed children or have done anything inappropriate for their uncontrollable sexual preferences.

  • Pedophilia is a type of sexual attraction, So by definition it is a sexuality.

    It doesn't matter if you think it's right or wrong, Normal or abnormal, Disgusting or acceptable. . . It is a sexuality no matter how you judge it. People don't control what they are attracted to. If they did, Why wouldn't everyone choose to be attracted to ugly fat people; They're more accessible than children, Men, Women, Or anything else. If someone just wanted to hurt children, Then that wouldn't make them a pedophile, It would just make them cruel and evil.

  • Acting on pedophilia is illegal, But having a sexual preference is not

    To start with, I am no pedophile and having sex with children is obviously not right since they don't know enough about what's going on. But realistically, Having a sexual preference for children is a possible sexual preference, Which makes it an orientation. I think it should be included in the definitions of sexual orientations, Even if it is a twisted one. Necrophilia and copulation of animals are also orientations, Even if they are also just as twisted and illegal. There's a light and dark side to everything- these are the dark side of sexual orientations, While heterosexuality and LGBA+ are the light side.

  • No! If you are a pedophile then you have something wrong with you

    Pedophillia is a crime. You have no right to prey on children. I hate how muslims do this.. You'll see babies and little girls be forced into a marriage where the will be raped beaten and suffer forever. There is no place for forced marriages. It should be outlawed in every country state city town etc, FOREVER!! It is NOT ok to force someone to be with someone else. In my book that is a huge crime and people should get the death penalty!

  • No, absolutely not.

    The term 'sexuality' to my mind infers a mutual attraction, there simply cannot be a mutual attraction when one party is a minor. They cannot consent to any relationship, let alone understand the dynamics behind one.

    What's more, to suggest that Paedophilia is a sexuality is an offence to the many thousands of LGBT people who have fought to validate their relationships. It is also, surely, an insult to anyone who respects consent in a relationship.

    I disregard the very premise of your argument as nonsense.

  • No it's not.

    The term 'pedophile' refers to someone who has a intense sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Pedophilia is classified as a paraphilia, NOT a sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is only determined by one's attraction to particular gender, not age. The overwhelming majority of pedophiles are males who identify as heterosexual. Although not all pedophiles harm children, the risk of them acting on their desires are quite high because they tend to lack self-control, which is why so many of them do become child molesters at some point.

  • Sexuality is sex-based, not age-based.

    Sexuality is based on the attraction between sexes, not ages. Pedophiles can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or anything in between. But all of those titles are based on attraction to the sex of the person. The same can be said for a young man who is attracted to elderly women. That individual is still heterosexual, regardless the age of the person he is attracted to. Same goes for pedophiles. Whether a boy or a girl, the sex of the child makes no difference to the general attraction pedophiles have to kids. Therefore, the issue isn't sex-based, but age-based, therefore not making it a problem of sexuality, but something else. Now, whether it's a mental issue or not is for another debate.

  • No, it's not normal.

    Pedophilia is not normal, I would describe it as more of a mental illness. If you're an adult and are attracted to children, you should probably get some help. Pedophiles are hated by most people because of their problem and, and they realize it's not normal, but it's hard for them to change.

  • Pedophilia is a Paraphilia, Not an Orientation

    Pedophilia is stated in it's name, Is a paraphilia, Listed as such in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, The 5th Edition. Sure, Not all pedophiles will harm a child, But by nature, It will cause distress to some degree. We need to treat it as what it is - a mental illness in need of treatment options to prevent children from being sexually abused or put into other horrendous situations. To downplay pedophilia as simply a sexual orientation hurts children, Because a sexual orientation, Such homosexuality, Does not require treatment to prevent harm to others. But a paraphilia does.

  • Pedophilia is not a sexuality! And those who believe it is are taking from valid LGBT+ members!

    Not only is pedophilia not a sexuality they feel lust for children, Children who probably don't know what sexual attraction is, And even those who believe that pedophilia is a valid sexuality are taking from the valid members of the LGBT+ community, As they are infecting poison into people's minds that LGBT+ people are slutty perverts. So please don't support the idea that pedophilia is a valid sexuality.

  • Mental Disorder NOT sexuality

    ON the 'yes" side I see a lot of points about how pedophiles can't control their desires much like homosexuals, While it may be true they can't control these desires sexuality is attraction to a certain gender(s). Pedophilia is attraction to a certain age. Pedophilia is better classified as a mental disorder. Psychologists have two leading theories as to what causes pedophilia, Neurodevelopmental factors and being victims of child abuse themselves. An experiment conducted in 1978, Shows the brain of pedophiles vs. The brain of a non-pedophile show extreme differencesr. The pedophiles had much lower seratonin levels than the non-pedophile, Much like those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Definitely not normal

    Pedophiles prey on children what they love is destroying innocence and purity some have been abused themselves in their childhood it empowers them to rape little boys and girls and even enjoy torturing them and even killing them because they’re weaker and naive innocent souls / leaches of little souls all that is sweet and beautiful they’re full of hate or really immature and twisted they crave their own innocence lost

  • It is not a sexuality

    Pedophiles is not a sexually. Pedophiles prey on little children who aren't mature enough to give consent to the sexual nature of pedophiles. They can not be added to the LGBTQ+, We are very accepting, But that dose not mean that we accept that. It is sick and twisted to add pedophilia to LQBTQ+.

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