• Peer pressure can be just a positive as it is can be negative.

    Peer pressure could be something as simple as pushing a shy guy who obviously likes a girl but he is too shy to act on it himself. How is this negative or harmful in any way? I agree that a lot of peer pressure situation do have negative consequences but there are many positive benefits to peer pressure.

  • Peer pressure =/= smoking, drugs or bullying

    Seriously, we have been taught today that peer pressure is the main source of why teenagers have started bullying, smoking, doing drugs and other unhealthy activities but peer pressure had another side that is much more positive. Peer pressure also includes motivating friends to take themselves to new limits and grow as a person and that is much more useful than harmful. For example, if a teenager were on a basketball team and he saw everyone else on the team playing wonderfully and always trying their best, chances are he will give into the peer pressure and also do his best and play better. Just like people can have a good and bad friends, there is also bad AND good peer pressure. If we are going to ask is peer pressure more useful or harmful, we might as well ask are friends more useful or harmful. I am not seeing the point here.

  • Exposed to unhealthy materials

    People this days cannot resist their peers . They may be caught into unhealthy activities such as smoking, bullying , drinking and a lot more which ruins one's life and future . So, peer pressure is more harmful than useful to every category in society especially teenagers who are still unmatured.

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