Is Penn & Teller video game, Desert Bus the Worst Video Game Ever Created?

  • Penn and Teller's Desert Bus: What a Terrible Game

    Terrible graphics quality and a complete lack of understanding for game design has led to the atrocity that is Penn and Teller's Desert Bus. The game takes everything you might enjoy about gaming and turns it on its head. It's difficult to discern if this game was made as a joke.

  • On purpose, so no

    Desert Bus is a game created to be monotonous and boring as an artistic statement, and I find it difficult to condemn something as the worst game ever if its supposed lack of quality is deliberate. There are video games out there that are mind-numbingly boring, as well as morally dubious and artistically bankrupt. One of those is the worst, though I'm not sure which.

  • Lots of choices for that

    The Penn and Teller Desert Bus is a horrible game, but there are plenty of low budget options out there that could win the prize for worst video game ever created. At least their game requires a little bit of imagination, some of that other junk out there was clearly just to make a quick buck.

  • Not even close

    There are much worse video games out there, and "worst" is a subjective term, anyways. Penn and Teller may not be video game geniuses, but this game is far from the "worst" on any scale. If you're looking for an awful game, it only takes a few seconds on the Internet to find one.

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