• Jobs and motivation

    Due to the very high demand for money because of its significant importance to the wellbeing of people, The job's role is to distribute money to trade goods with. This trading of goods is what leads to the most fulfillment. Fulfillment, Not just through wealth, But through its indirect consequences on the person in question.

    Without money, We cannot live even less do the things we love. Being able to advance in a hobby or see loved ones in another state are just as tied to money as buying a new car or Mcdonalds.

    On another note, The job as a distributor of money greatly contrasts with the hobby. The hobby is a creature of fulfillment. We seek it not for material gain but at an often great cost time and money-wise. Yet, Even with the drastically different natures of the two concepts, You can find much happiness and fulfillment in combining the two. Happiness and fulfillment born of the idea that you can advance your hobby without, Or with little, Constraints a job might place.

    This is the issue with considering a job as fulfilling. In reality, You do not think the job is fulfilling you think the hobby is fulfilling. Being able to combine the two is an added bonus, But you would still work on your hobbies if it wasn't a job. Otherwise, It wouldn't be a hobby, It would be a chore or a nuisance.

  • Every person if he is doing work, The reason will be money

    In today's world i don't think that there will be any person exist who is doing job for nothing.
    Every people who is doing some thing it will be directly or indirectly to earn money.
    No one will be intrested to do any job which will return them nothing in return

  • Many of them do so, But not everyone.

    Joining a job is always paid, Unless you're volunteering. But actually, Not everyone seeks for cash. Some people want to know that their lives meaningful for others, And some of them want to express their talents, No matter how they will benefit (i. E. When a person is gifted with a good teaching skills, They have an opportunity to embrace them). Not everyone is materialistic, The world is very complicated thing.
    [Write "Are" instead of "Is" with plurals like "people". That's Beginner English. ]

  • What about volunteer jobs

    There are many cases of jobs that do not directly or indirectly give money like the usual job. People are interested in these jobs like volunteer work where there is no money in return, And if you want to count internships as well you might be able to. Your sentiment is flawed

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