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  • Praise Kek Brothers!

    As a worshiper of Kek myself, I find this question rather offensive. Kek is a universally accepted religion with followers all over the world. We have grown in numbers and have become strong. A united force against the SJW hordes of modern America. We love Trump for his constant wrecking of the Left and its constituents. WE LOVE AMERICA. PRAISE KEK. TRUMP 2020.

  • He is innocent and his image has been wrongfully smeared.

    Pepe the Frog started as an innocent meme, And thanks to the media the bad and deviating images of pepe have been put on a platform as the "true face" of Pepe. He was never meant to be a hate symbol, And the ones that depict him as some sort of facist or dictator are for the most part ironic. However, Once again, Thanks to the media, They misconstrue and twist things to fit their narrative and to get more clicks.

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