• He isn't just a part of the alt-right movement

    He is part of that and has significant effect on suicide rates. That's what the guy looks like. Somtimes happy, sometimes sad. Just look at the picture for this opinion! I will never support something that supports suicide. He may also promote violence because he is green which symbolizes being sick, sick of society and may be a symbol of anti-social behaviour. And with some of the dark humor he has been involved is clearly shows the true nature of pepe the frog. The government should really filter the internet.

  • Pepe the Frog has become a hate symbol

    While the meme of Pepe the Frog began as an innocuous character used for totally innocent memes, it has been definitively appropriated by the alt-right movement who have transformed its meaning into something entirely different. Pepe has been depicted wearing Hitler moustaches and in a variety of other racial poses. Now, it seems that Pepe has irrevocably become associated with a nasty and virulent form of racism.

  • Our kek lord treats all equally.

    Pepe came to save the land of kekistan and /b/. The world was in chaos before our kek god appeared. After Pepe came he told us all about how it felt bad (man) to live in such a restricted world, where unpopular opinions are considered incorrect. After Pepe came into my life everything has gotten better.

  • No, although some organizations are listing Pepe as a hate symbol, in reality he is just a cartoon frog designed for entertainment and laughs.

    Pepe began as a simple cartoon frog who enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. He went on to meme fame with many simple memes that were easy for people to relate to. This long history establishes Pepe as a figure without any direct connection to hate. If a few people try to turn him into a hate symbol, it does not mean that he really is a hate symbol. I feel that something needs to have a long connection to a negative philosophy before it can really be called a symbol of that philosophy. Pepe does not meet that definition.

  • It represents the views of a section of society.

    I don't agree with Trump or his supporters but I don't think Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol. Just because a section of the internet creates memes with the image of Pepe the Frog does not make the image a representation of hatred. No one can control how an image is used these days, so labeling Pepe the Frog as hate symbol is just misguided.

  • Pepe is a popular symbol, not a symbol of hate

    Since first appearing on the scene many years ago, Pepe the Frog has been popular in internet memes for many different groups. There have been some instances when Pepe the Frog was hijacked by hate groups to convey a negative message, but that has never been what Pepe's creator intended.

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