• Pepsi is great

    I like both but Pepsi has less of that painful sear on your tongue that Coca-Cola is known for. And if you let the fizz leave the Pepsi 1 liter bottles the taste Pepsi leaves is just marvelous. Coca-Cola as a general company and it's other drinks aren't bad but if it was just between the classic Pepsi and Coca-Cola I would be rooting for Pepsi.

  • Better flavor, better ads, better everything

    Pepsi has a better taste to it. Coca-Cola has a very odd taste. Pepsi seems very straight forward with it's flavor and it never ceases to amaze. Pepsi company also has the better items such as Mugs Root Beer, Schweppes Ginger-Ale, and of course a better cherry flavored cola, on top of it's already better tasting regular cola.

  • Oh my gosh they're not even in the same league!

    Coca cola is 1000x better than pepsi, it's almost as if PepsiCo tried to create a cheap knock off of coca cola because they were jealous of its greatness. Honestly pepsi tastes like a watered down coca cola and I don't even know why people drink it, it's gross, you might as well go and buy the real thing: coca cola❤

  • Pepsi really sucks

    Coke is amazing. Where its name came from is an argument just its self, Pepsi can never ever be better then coke and it ceases to amaze me why you should choose to drink that horrendous version of a drink so there for why debate it and drink coke? Yes?

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