Is Pepsi's TED talk a progressive corporate transformation (yes) or "TED-washing" (no)?

  • They are advancing.

    Pepsi's TED talk is a progressive corporation transformation, rather than a TED-washing, because by participating with TED, Pepsi is showing its desire to be cutting edge. TED is the future, and Pepsi is willing to step up and be a part of it. They are being a responsible corporate citizen, and they are engaging the community with TED.

  • A good thing

    I think that they are having a progressive movement, and that they are going to end up doing a whole lot of good for their business in the end of all of this. I think that the people at pepsi know what they are doing and how to run the place.

  • Pepsi's big move

    Pepsi's talk at TED is a progressive corporate transformation. It was a change of pace for such a large, traditional company such as Pepsi to go to TED and make a big splash. The leaders of the company are trying to change the culture of the company and the employees like it.

  • the platform makes it trustworthy

    Marketing a brand is often an issue of showing the world what the hell you your product can offer them. Wind tech TED talks allow Pepsi and other companies to use it as a platform to plan themselves the companies have put themselves out there and giving themselves a bench mark by which to be judged.

  • No, I believe it is a TED-washing.

    Pepsi is a company with a monetary agenda just like any other big company; it wants us to support its continued existence through acts of charity and feigned support. However, this does not justify the fact that Pepsi and Coke are part of the major decline in human welfare in general. Some people only drink soda because it is so common - my extensive knowledge on Nutrition tells me that drink soda at all is dangerous over the course of a day and really wears the body and mind down over continued use. TED should not be supporting a better image for an essentially corrupt corporation.

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