Is Percy Jackson a better fighter than Annabedth?

Asked by: Door510
  • Sure he does!

    Annebeth is smart. Not powerful. Percy practically saved her so many times. I'm kind of confused now. We are having opinions on who is stronger on two people that aren't even real! Not to mention, Percy should be older. Percy is almost her uncle, which makes everything so much more weird.

  • Percy Jackson is a better Fighter than Annebeth

    In the first book, Percy Jackson beat Annebeth for his first battle, Annebeth had hundreds of fighting experience, but Percy still beats her in his first battle ! Also, Percy's dad is Poseidon- God of the Sea, who is one of the big three. Percy Jackson is also a child of the Prophecy.

  • Annabeth is strategic

    First off, Annabeth is amazing. Secondly, in the beginning (Oh so long ago) Percy winged it. Relying on his powers and his strength solely. It took him a while to learn how to fight smart. This is something Annabeth just did and, with her training, was really good at. Go Annabeth!

  • Annabeth is a better fighter.

    When fighting, Annabeth is a better due to her strategic coordination and experience. Although it may be true that Annabeth was defeated by Percy many times, but that was because he has incredible gifts and powers that help him do that. In hand to hand or weapon combat however, Annabeth can defeat Percy easily.

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