• Yes, it is the same

    I think its, its conducting research to solve a problem. That in my world is exactly the same as using research to solve an experiment. I don't see how it differs in anyway or form. I think the methods are different,but the overall process is the same. It doesn't matter if its to solve a community problem or a science question, it still is the same.

  • They are not the same

    An experiment follows a logical and clearly established sequence of steps. A good experiment is also something that can be repeated by another party, as science is based on results that can be repeated and independently verified. Action research can produce research and discoveries, but is not as pure science.

  • Definetly the different

    Doing an experiment is not the same as conducting a research.An experiment may be just an experiment eg, giving a type of drug to monkey and checking for reactions or side effects, while a research would be many different experiments of such a type but also among different animal specie.

  • Action Research Not Based on Scientific Method

    Action research is the kind of research a teacher might do in his or her classroom to figure out procedures and curriculum that would be the most effective with a population of students. This research is not based on random selection or controlling all of the variables except one, which are hallmarks of scientific method. Action research results are not generalizable to a larger population because of the research method, yet it can yield results that can be checked more systematically in a scientific study.

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