Is personal freedom more important than personal safety? Why?

Asked by: MKMdragon
  • Statists be like, "We need the government to protect us!"

    Where can you go where you get free food, free healthcare, free sleeping arrangements, free exercise equipment, free jobs, free education, free intramurals, and free protection, all at the cost of your freedom? Prison.

    “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
    -Benjamin Franklin

  • Why would we give up freedom when we've fought this long to get it???

    We've been fighting for freedom all of our nations life, why give it up when millions have lost their lives for it. Giving it up for 5 seconds of safety wouldn't keep us safe it would actually hurt us. What's the point of being a free nation if we're not free. Giving it up is like giving away our individuality.

  • If you aren't free then you aren't safe.

    Personal freedom is a basic human right however we need governments to safe guard our freedom from those who would infringe upon it. The issue is when a government seeks to infringe on your freedom to protect it. The more of your freedom you sacrifice for safety the more you are at the mercy of others.

  • One needs to prioritize their values

    One way to gauge your values is to take the values to their extreme. In this case you have freedom and security. Now take a state that is completely secure, but has no freedom whatsoever. Then compare it to one with complete freedom but no security and determine which one you would rather live in. I would choose the latter, because what's the point of being a conscious individual if you have no direction, no choice? You might as well be a robot or a corpse. Having absolutely no security isn't exactly ideal, but I would rather die free than live shackled.

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