• Yes, it is innate

    I think things can change over time and people can come out of their shell,but for the most part you are who you are. The things you learn from others are just traits that you like and you grow from that. If you look at it from a learned behavior stand point, people still only take what they like for themselves, its an innate trait. You can learn to be different for jobs or social situations,but thats not real.

  • Yes, it is.

    A persons personality is likely developed very early or has always been with them. We can't change that a person is who they are. It's just the way it is. A terrible person would have likely always been a terrible person if that's what their personality has dictated to them.

  • Incapable of knowing.... But one can dream.

    Simply allowing the statement, "we are not born with personality" to be labeled as 'true' is coherent to saying that there are other universes out there. It's not like it is or isn't true; however, we lack the capability of staying either or. There is not enough scientific evidence to justify that it is, and because there's none we can account for what causes us to have personalities so we make theoritical guesses based on personal beliefs and experiences. Although, IMO, I would love to believe that we were not born with personality. That change is possible. Change allows individuals to grow. And I THINK that our thoughts may have been responsible for change in personality because the brain can administrate emotions felt within the body, and quick impulses that personify our personalities.

  • Like most things it involves nature and nurture and randomness

    I'd tend to think that things we label "personality" tend to be stable and studies do support that, but that doesn't mean that is uniformally the case for every single person. Sometimes people experience huge life-changing events that may lead to significant alterations in personality, for better or for worse, or for neutral.

    Like most things it involves nature, nurture, and randomness.

  • No, your personality is formed from your surroundings.

    Psychologists believe personality is a product of the environment, many studies have shown that the way a person is raised determines their personality. It has been argued that your social bond with society plays a huge part in how someone acts and is expected to act. While are personalities do make us unique are thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are molded by are environment around us.

  • It Is Molded

    I do not believe a persons entire personality is innate. I believe people have natural aspects of their personality, but these aspects are also molded over time. I am naturally a quite person, but my interactions with people have led me to be even more quite due to my lack of trust in people. I think this can be said of a lot of different traits. You may have natural insticts but they are going to be changed or altered by your life experiences.

  • No, personality is not entirely innate.

    No, personality is shaped not only by what you're born with but also with the experiences that you live in your life. It would be really hard to prove that personality is something you are born with. People's personality changes so dramatically throughout life that it can not be due to just the genes you are born with.

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