• Yes, to some more than others.

    Any time that something is being used to kill certain organisms, it is likely that it is going to have a bad effect on other organisms. So that means pesticides that kill pests are likely going to have a harmful effect on the human beings who are nearby or who ingest it.

  • Pesticide use is harmful to humans.

    Pesticide use is harmful to humans. We use pesticides on our crops all the time and then the consumers end up ingesting this stuff. I think that pesticides is very bad to the human health and if we do not see effects right away then it is liable to turn up years down the road.

  • Yes, of course.

    Of course pesticide use is harmful to human beings. It's a poison designed to kill insects, and we ingest it all the time. This can't possibly be any good. This is like asking if you spray bug spray onto a vegetable, if that is unhealthy or harmful to human beings.

  • Pesticides Are Harmful

    I believe pesticide are more harmful to humans, then they are helpful. Pesticides may eliminate a natural problem but they create many unnatural problems and they also end up being consumed by us. These chemicals hurt the environment and it is likely that they cause harm to our health as well.

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