• They would HATE to kill animals but not scared to perform euthanasia

    They seriously are the definition of hypocritical people, They seriously can't think whatsoever, They make really offensive, Inappropriate ads, Just to get their point across, And i also realized that you need protein in your diet for better strength and brain food, They honestly are probably stupid because they NEED brain food but are too scared to eat meat.

  • PETA hates Pokémon for some reason

    Gamefreak’s Pokémon game: train a group of creatures and gain their trust. The Pokemon can escape if it thinks you’re unworthy of catching them

    PETA’s Pokémon game: killing innocent creatures just because it’s fun. Every Pokémon fight is to the death. There is no mercy

    You see how PETA overreacts to things the second they see it?

  • PETA kills more animals than it saves!

    There are many articals about this. . . . . PETA is keeping animals above humans, This is not okay I'm glad that there not in my country I don't want their terrible ''service'' there are much better organization than Peta. The Owner of Peta is a hypocrite and told the world nothing but lies!

  • God says animals are ours, Stop convincing us to become vegans!

    According to the Holy Bible. . . It says that every living thing on earth is ours to eat. And the Bible is always right. Remember, PETA, God cares about animals too, They go to heaven after being eaten by us. Also, Only eating vegetables is not nutritious enough, We’ll suffer from problems when we get older.

  • Animals > Humans

    Ah ma facking gad, u stepped ona ant?
    Ima gunna step on ya small D
    Seriously this is so stupid putting animals above humans, because, in case peta doesnt know, animals kill each other to, so probably if we dont kill them, most of them are going to get ko later

  • Peta Harming Babies

    Veganism for babies is horrible. Toddlers need meat to receive proper iron nourishment. Veganism is a choice for fully grown human beings, not something that we should force upon a small creature who is still growing. I'd like to ask Peta if they have vegan diets for kittens, because kittens eat meet too, and they need it.

  • I believe peta's done bad

    I get they're trying to stop animal cruliety but they force they're beliefs on others by throwing blood on someone's fur coat and bashing people. Their intentions are good, but it doesn't make up for their actions, I think we should have a more reformed peta, one that focuses their own beliefs and problems, then ruining another of their fellow animals (human's) day.

  • PETA needs to collapse.

    PETA literally flipped their crap at Obama for swatting a fly, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. They care more about pests like rats, flies, pigeons and even bloody invasive animals then actual animals that face extinction soon. Why the hell do they even discourage eating meat??? Humans are OMNIVORES. NOT HERBIVORES.

    And feeding your children meat is child abuse?? Jesus Christ what the fuck.

  • PETA is very stupid

    PETA is so stupid and it’s going to far, for the whole sheep shearing thing. THATS NOT HOW YOU SHEAR A SHEEP!
    It’s giving a hair cut to a sheep like buzzing your hair off. If that’s how people shear sheep then hope they don’t ever shave someone’s hair, farmers care about their animals more then anyone ever will.
    PETA is getting in peoples head by playing sad music while saying this shit. People who believe this are stupid Andy have never been to a farm.

  • Remember that one time where PETA took a dog away from his owner?

    Yeah, that happened. A van strolled up to a front lawn and just took the damn dog. A few days later, his owners just got a fruit basket and an apology note. If , like PETA would like it to be, animals = humans, they just committed murder. Tldr; misguided hypocrites with a stupid leader.

  • Peta is fire

    Do not interfere with the power of PETA! They are too rad to be bad. PETA doesn't want people to have a passion for something they like to do such as fishing and hunting. PETA has their own porn site! This is amazing! An animal rights organization is having a porn site! This is just too rad to be bad. PETA PETA PETA PETA PETA!!!!!!!!!

  • PETA is not stupid (Counter Arguments)

    "We are the rulers of the earth and we should stay that way. Humans are the smartest and fastest creature to adapt to the environment we are on top of food chains and also we should stay that way. This organization basically want us to live with our food and people with properly functional brain don't want that"

    Having a vegan lifestyle does not suddenly lose your title of being "ruler of the earth". It makes you a "compassionate ruler of the earth". The reasons why humans can be rulers of the earth is because of our ability to set traps, create weapons etc. to defend ourselves and hunt. Sure enough, eating cooked meat may have helped our brains to develop but we no longer need to eat meat as we understand the basics of nutrition. Having a vegan lifestyle just means that we can have a sustainable lifestyle, that will not be affected drastically by climate change etc., which means that the rulers of the earth will be rulers longer, not suddenly having millions of people die simply due to famines.

    "Animal kills animal for food. Considered ok by PETA.

    Human kills animal for food. Not ok by PETA.

    Human kills animal for medical reasons. Not ok.

    Humans kill animals for clothes. Not ok by PETA.

    Summary: PETA is trying to corrupt and destroy out society and the government should do anything necessary to shut them down."

    PETA is in no way corrupting our minds. PETA is simply showing us the harsh reality of our lifestyle. If Amnesty International revealed classified documents showing that children worked in IPhone factories and the children were raped, flogged and killed for being too slow, would that be considered corrupting our minds?
    PETA does not support humans killing for meat and clothing because it is neither natural nor sustainable. It is also not the most ethical solution. Unlike in the past where we actually hunted animals in the wild, we lock up the animals, isolate them from their offspring and cramp them in cages. Scientist work hard and have created tons of solutions to various medical problems that are synthetic/ plant based. Why choose to kill an animal when you can kill none?

    "Use your heads for a second: in 2008, PETA killed 95% of the animals that came into PETA's possession were euthanized. What were the bodies used for? Nothing. What do other, normal, humans use the meat for? Coats and other worthwhile causes, instead of being wasteful. I am vegetarian and I find some of the things they do stupid."

    Which is the more ethical way to perform an execution? Inject the small pox virus and just let the person die, give multiple stab wounds to the person and just let the person die or perform the lethal injection? Actually, most of all adoptable animals never make it into PETA. They go straight to the animal shelters/ adoption centers.

  • PETA is NOT stupid

    PETA is not stupid. PETA uses facts abut the way humans are negatively treating animals and advertising the facts to show the world what is currently happening. For an example, PETA shows the world what happens in slaughterhouses when the animals are killed, and how the workers there choose to abuse the animals. This is to help cut down the amount of people that choose to eat meat and help save more animals.

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