• Why I do not agree with PETA.

    I myself have no problem with supporting animal rights, As animal abuse is wrong and needs to be stopped. However, I believe that PETA is waaaaay too extremist. They claim that saying "Be the Guinea pig" or "kill two birds with one stone" is as hurtful as saying a racial slur. They waste time ranting on twitter and making fake mutilated sheep instead of doing something that actually helps animals.
    Not only that, But they provide false information. For example, They stated that dairy products are linked to autism. There is no unbiased scientific research proving this. Therefore, PETA is indeed stupid.
    Tl;dr: Peta bad lol

  • This is no debate, Peta is stupid

    Since 1998, PETA has been directly responsible for the death of 41, 539 animals. " In 2019, PETA killed over 60% of the animals they received.
    I know of no other company who has decided to kill most of their "rescues".
    And they tell US that animals deserve right like humans do.

  • PETA Funding Is Probably Better off Someplace Else

    PETA, Being one of the most recognizable organizations that campaign for animal rights, Also receives plenty of funding- money that feels better spent elsewhere due to some of their questionable actions. For instance, A lot of their controversial practices, Including reportedly higher rates of animal euthanasia, Mistakenly 'mercy-killing' some kid's pet, And other shenanigans such as their really tasteless media campaigns, Could have been pulled off in a more constructive, Unsensationalized way. They're entitled to their own opinions, But to think of the millions (don't quote me on this) of dollars that flow through their coffers only for them to launch an initiative to ban words that associate negative traits with animals (chickening out, Etc. )- one has to be quite stupid to believe their extremely eccentric views.

  • There are false statements

    When I saw criticism over meat, Eggs, And dairy, I noticed that PETA is making things look worse than the reality. Plus, Veganism isn't healthy because some vitamins could be missing. It is true that some vitamins can only be found in plants, Others can only be found in animals.

  • Protecting animals does not equal making pointless video game parodies

    PETA apparently thinks that making pointless video game parodies is more important than actually helping animals in need. These pointless video game parodies aren't even accurate. I would explain why, But I think the other answers explain it better than I ever could. PETA would rather make crappy video game parodies than actually help animals in need.

  • YEs yes yes

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  • Peta is dumb

    Peta has no brain, Meat isn't necessary, But provides much protein, Some farms care for animals compassionately, Others don't, Peta, Get a brain, Eat some fish, Stop it. Get some help. Or else you will wake up in a furry convention and be beaten up by lots of furries tomorrow

  • Yes they are the physical embodiment of stupid

    Peta has been known to kill many of the animals in their custody and steal many pets from owners who love them dearly. They use women being treated wrongly as one of there slogans but have put them out naked and striping in public on many occasions they can be quite racist and often have a lack of knowledge on what there doing or how things work. They think that they are the animals' saviors but and the rest of us are heartless monsters, But we as a collective species are omnivorous and it is natural to eat meat and in younger people a necessary part of their diet. They make animals that aren't equipped with the necessary stomachs and organs to eat plants. Peta does have good intentions but they display them in the absolute wrong way.

  • They are stupid

    PETA are stupid and idiotic as they preach all these 'aNiMaLs HavE RiGhTs' and shit like that. . . . They need to learn that while, Yes animals do have rights, Animals die because we need meat to survive as meat provides us with protein. . . . . So in conclusion. . . . . They need to get up off their asses and see that not all people abuse animals and that there are more important things like rape, Child abuse, Murders, Idiotic people in charge, School shootings and kidnappings. . . . . Also people selling off others for money and/or fame. . . . .

  • Peta is retarded

    They kill more animals in they're animal shelters, More than they actually do in government animal shelters. They get offended over small "problems" because some guy rescues animals. People feed animals because they need to be fed to stay alive (no shit). Peta thinks wool is artificial and its not necessary to shear sheep.

  • Peta is fire

    Do not interfere with the power of PETA! They are too rad to be bad. PETA doesn't want people to have a passion for something they like to do such as fishing and hunting. PETA has their own porn site! This is amazing! An animal rights organization is having a porn site! This is just too rad to be bad. PETA PETA PETA PETA PETA!!!!!!!!!

  • PETA is not stupid (Counter Arguments)

    "We are the rulers of the earth and we should stay that way. Humans are the smartest and fastest creature to adapt to the environment we are on top of food chains and also we should stay that way. This organization basically want us to live with our food and people with properly functional brain don't want that"

    Having a vegan lifestyle does not suddenly lose your title of being "ruler of the earth". It makes you a "compassionate ruler of the earth". The reasons why humans can be rulers of the earth is because of our ability to set traps, create weapons etc. to defend ourselves and hunt. Sure enough, eating cooked meat may have helped our brains to develop but we no longer need to eat meat as we understand the basics of nutrition. Having a vegan lifestyle just means that we can have a sustainable lifestyle, that will not be affected drastically by climate change etc., which means that the rulers of the earth will be rulers longer, not suddenly having millions of people die simply due to famines.

    "Animal kills animal for food. Considered ok by PETA.

    Human kills animal for food. Not ok by PETA.

    Human kills animal for medical reasons. Not ok.

    Humans kill animals for clothes. Not ok by PETA.

    Summary: PETA is trying to corrupt and destroy out society and the government should do anything necessary to shut them down."

    PETA is in no way corrupting our minds. PETA is simply showing us the harsh reality of our lifestyle. If Amnesty International revealed classified documents showing that children worked in IPhone factories and the children were raped, flogged and killed for being too slow, would that be considered corrupting our minds?
    PETA does not support humans killing for meat and clothing because it is neither natural nor sustainable. It is also not the most ethical solution. Unlike in the past where we actually hunted animals in the wild, we lock up the animals, isolate them from their offspring and cramp them in cages. Scientist work hard and have created tons of solutions to various medical problems that are synthetic/ plant based. Why choose to kill an animal when you can kill none?

    "Use your heads for a second: in 2008, PETA killed 95% of the animals that came into PETA's possession were euthanized. What were the bodies used for? Nothing. What do other, normal, humans use the meat for? Coats and other worthwhile causes, instead of being wasteful. I am vegetarian and I find some of the things they do stupid."

    Which is the more ethical way to perform an execution? Inject the small pox virus and just let the person die, give multiple stab wounds to the person and just let the person die or perform the lethal injection? Actually, most of all adoptable animals never make it into PETA. They go straight to the animal shelters/ adoption centers.

  • PETA is NOT stupid

    PETA is not stupid. PETA uses facts abut the way humans are negatively treating animals and advertising the facts to show the world what is currently happening. For an example, PETA shows the world what happens in slaughterhouses when the animals are killed, and how the workers there choose to abuse the animals. This is to help cut down the amount of people that choose to eat meat and help save more animals.

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