• Yep, Too extreme

    They kill over 2000 animals in their shelter annually. And yet, not many people know this. If an animal is in the shelter more than a year does not always mean they're not wanted. Also, hunting is not something bad we are the smartest and the fastest creature to adapt to the environment we have the criteria to be on top of the foodchain and we should stay that way

  • Peta is extremists

    If animals belong in the wild, then why not close every zoo and animal habitat in the world. Why limit opinions to just killer whales or any other animal featured on a documentary.If you had your way, animals could only be filmed--probably disrupting breeding but i guess that's ok--huh? Get all the elephants, snakes, spiders, seals, and alike back to the wild. Stop breeding, research etc., you guys are extremists and belong in china--oh, oh! Panda's--problem!

  • PETA arrogantly talk about things they dont know about

    PETA have talked about aquariums being an unsuitable place for fish as the noise of pumps and bad water quality stress the fish, if fish are kept well in a suitable tank they will benefit from regular food and water changes keep the water good. They also say many fish die in shipping, I have not once had a fish die from a delivery but have had a fish die in the way home from a pet store so it is not the delivery but the condition of the fish in the first place. I don't support people keeping fish in bad conditions but why try to stop sensible hobbysts like myself who care well for the fish.

  • PETA is too extreme

    I think PETA is too extreme, because I mean I'm pretty sure they have eaten animals. It isn't that big of a deal. If they think animals should have rights then so should plants. I mean plants help the environment and earth and here they are eating them. Maybe I should make a terrorist group called People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants. PETP. How do they feel about that. Plant killers!!!!

  • Yes, they definitely are

    I know that wearing leather is technically bad in the vegan community, but I just know it is a good material for shoes and I won`t change. But as I read through PETA's forums, they claimed that wool as well was bad? If anything, shearing the fur helps the animals stay cool. As I continued to go through articles, I realized how extreme they are. I love animals, I want to protect animals and I want to help stop animal cruelty. But they are too extreme. The protests they hold and the things they do affects humans and others, not even benefiting to society.

  • PETA is Insane!

    I have always been an animal lover at heart, and I personally aspire to be a Veterinarian. Even with this, I feel that PETA has been going insane with some if it's ads. There has been a report of how PETA members once dressed up as Klan members to get their message across, if that's not crossing the line, I don't know what is. I am also an avid gamer, so seeing them turning a family-friendly game like Mario all about how Mario wears the bloody skin of a Tanooki made my spine shiver. This has been going on long enough.

  • Yep, they are extreme

    I love animals and meat. I also agree that we should conserve animals and animals should have right. (I know it sounds bit ironic but ignore it) But PETA is extreme and as one animal love to another, PETA shouldn't call themselves animal lovers. They are just criminals disguised as animal lovers. For example Mario wears tanooki skin? Which is from a leaf. Pokemon is like dog fighting? The made does retatrded games. If you ask me they should spend more time on stop killing animals, stop making dumb games and conserve animals less extreme and less violently.

  • Why go that far?

    This past summer i was at vans warped tour and PETA payed people to watch slaughter house footage. I think that's insane and over the top. When people tried to stop watching and not take the money the PETA members got angry and began to yell at me and my friend for not caring

  • Doesn't Know Where to Stop

    I love their organization for doing what they do; I believe that animals should have almost as many rights as humans do. But they sometimes take their actions completely out of control. Like the comment posted before me mentioning their pokemon scandal...That's rediculous and nobody wants to hear about that kinda stuff. The rest of their actions are wonderful though, such as raising awareness about animals cruelty and trying to stop the use of real animal fur for clothing.

  • Why does PETA always go too far?

    PETA has a good message: don't abuse animals. But when they start protesting Pokemon for saying that it's like dog fighting and Mario for saying he is wearing a skinned tanuki, they lose everyone's support. Nobody likes monkey torture are chicken blood graffiti, but why doesn't PETA just get rid of that instead of focusing their time on innocent children's games?

  • PETA is right

    They are like the Quakers when slavery was legal. Both groups believed in the rights of an oppressed group when most of society condemned them for doing the right thing. Others accuse them of being arrogant, yet first off, PETA representatives are nice and second, the people that accuse PETA of being arrogant are more arrogant towards animals and often even PETA and other vegans.

    Posted by: asta
  • Not at all

    The argument here is not whether they kill animals every year, the argument is whether or not they are too extreme. Unfortunately, if that is a true statement, I am very disappointed. As the world is, it is almost impossible to make your voice heard without making a controversial statement. I'm afraid that the extreme is needed if we are going to make a difference. They are tryng to make people more aware of the dreadful situation that innocent animals are being put in. They are speaking on behalf of animals, I'm sure if humans were being treated this badly then no one would say the same behaviour was too extreme. Humans are extremely arrogant and stubborn and need to understand what they are doing to animals. How humans treat animals is absolutely despicable and needs to change and if PETA can manage to change this even slightly then I say bring on the extreme.

  • PETA is needed

    Currently there is almost nothing on the books to protect animals from their owners or from breeders or from hunters. Something must be done right away to protect animals from torture, abuse, malnutrition. On top of that, we need laws that make owners responsible for their animals until then end of their life. It needs to be a legal adoption process to protect the animals from being discarded in the woods or streets

  • Tough tactics are necessary to stop animal abuse

    Greedy, unethical people are the ones who abuse animals, they don't always understand or want to listen when things are explained in a nice manner. To get their attention it has become necessary for PETA is speak the language that they will understand and if people this is extreme then so be it. PETA is fighting for the rights of animals and that's their ultimate goal.

  • PETA is Doing the Right Thing

    I think PETA is standing up for what they believe in and America does have freedom of speech. I believe that they are doing the right thing in order to STOP animal abuse. Even though I don't agree with some of their methods, they get peoples attention and get them thinking.

  • PETA is not too extreme.

    PETA is not too extreme. They fight for their cause the way they see fit depending on the issue at hand. I think on some things they do carry it too far but they have been around for a long time and they, for the most part, do hard work and fight for the protection of animals.

  • There's a fine line we have yet to cross

    Maybe this is just me personally being a supporter of PETA, but I don't think we've taken it too far. To be an extremist is to use extravagant manners to get a message across, which is what we are doing, by saying that killing an animal is wrong.
    However, there are groups of people who say that people who don't fit their status quo should be put to death. That's taking things too far.

  • Not too extreme

    Yes, they are extreme, but I don't think its excessive. They do what they need to so people will understand. People are arrogant and refuse to recognize that animals deserve rights too. They do what they do to try and get their point across. I support PETA for the most part. Their ban on pokemon was a bit wild.

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