• A paradox and hypocrisy.Sick bigotry and human supremacy.Ignorance,injustice and discrimination.

    Why do humans get birth control but dogs get sterilized?#injusticeandhypocrisy.This is a double standard and ignorant and sick discrimination/bigotry twords animals.Im surprised by how stupid people are when it comes to logic.....Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup everyone said no doesn't understand what hypocrisy is.Ignorant bigots.

  • Philosophically it is hypocrisy and a paradox,a double standard.

    Why is man afforded the wonders of birth control but animals must be sterilized?Why do humans have this right but not animals?Is it because animals are beneath man?If you would not have it done to yourself,your family,your brother,sister,wife;why then would you have it done to the animal you say you cherish and love like family?Is he not a part of your family too?Why would we treat mans best friend this way?You say it is to prevent further cruelty but you commit cruelty inorder to prevent cruelty.It is Hypocrisy and a paradox,a double standard masquerading as a "just cause".

  • Like everything else

    PETA has contradicting itself down to a science, this campaign much like everything else they produce makes virtually everybody laugh in their face. PETA shamelessly self promotes itself with campaigns that it's fully aware are ridiculous just to get people talking about them, this is different. While I do believe they care about animals to an extent, with how much they try to make themselves the center of attention, I wonder how much.

  • Animals should have the right to reproduce!

    If PETA is for animal rights then is it against the animals right when you spay or neuter them? To me, it would be an animal’s right when you force them to get spay or neutered and therefore causing them to not be able to reproduce their species. So in fact this to me is considered a termination of a species of domesticated animals.

  • It reduces future suffering.

    By spaying and neutering pets you are making sure that their population doesn't exceed the amount that we can care for. Currently there are already many animals killed because there is no one to care for them. If we just let them live in the wild it would hurt natural ecosystems.

  • No, it's not

    PETA wants us to spay and neuter our pets because if we don't they'll breed like crazy if we let them outside, which is what many pet owners do. When this happens, our pets create more babies than we'd like to deal with, and often, these babies become strays or are even killed by their owners (although that's only in extreme cases). Life as a stray dog or cat is hard, so it's better if our pets just don't have any children at all, unless we're ready to raise their children.

  • No, no contradiction. The only problem in the ad is it says "let" not "make" your pet become an octomon. Octomom had a choice.

    I'm certain that those stating animals should have the right to reproduce have never been asked by their animals to reproduce. Without our help, they have no control over their reproduction abilities. Maybe they don't want the right to reproduce and have their children sent off to tragic fates or sold like property to benefit their "p___s". So until an animal has the ability to tell humans what they want, we have to step in and make humane decisions, based on the pros and cons of allowing animals to breed uncontrolled, not only for that individual animal but for all animals and for the public health and safety but to preserve kindness and prevent abuse.

    Unfortunately humans can make their desires known, thus, even for all the wrong reasons, people are not stopped from reproducing , just as they can chose not to reproduce.

  • It is not contradicting.

    I think that the message that PETA is trying to get across is a good one. We are a population of animals much like any other, and there is nothing wrong with trying to get people to make informed decisions about how they or their animals they keep breed about.

  • No, it's pretty straightforward. Spaying and neutering dogs and cats is the only humane way to deal with overpopulation!

    Unless you are breeding a specific type of dog or cat, there is absolutely no reason not to spay or neuter your pet! Go to your local animal control center in April or May, see all the animals there who are waiting to be adopted - many of those perfectly healthy animals will end up euthanized because of unchecked breeding!

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