Is Pete Rose the most disgraced athlete of all time?

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  • No, not even close.

    There are athletes who have committed far worse transgressions than Pete Rose. One major example would be former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth. Faced with having to pay child support to his pregnant girlfriend, Carruth conspired to have her murdered in what would appear to be a random drive-by shooting. There are many other examples of athletes who have done much worse than betting on baseball games.

  • No way

    Many fans and baseball writers think Rose should be in the Hall of Fame despite the allegations against him. Right there you can conclude he's not the most disgraced athlete of all time, there are plenty of star athletes that the typical fan wants nowhere near any hall that celebrates them.

  • Not by a long shot.

    Pete Rose is disgraced, but what he did wasn't really that bad, at least not when compared to other athletes fall from grace. Mark Chmura raped a high school student, Micheal Vick murdered dogs, hell Mike Tyson went insane.

    A guy who bet on his own team is hardly more disgraced than the guy who lost his cool and bit off his opponents ear and then later told another opponent he was going to eat his children.

    Oh yeah, and O.J killed his wife.

  • No. Others are far worse.

    What Pete Rose did was wrong, and he has definitely paid the price. But there are other people who lied and lied for many years about what they did to cheat on a consistent basis. Pete Rose's gambling does not rise to the level of a Barry Bonds or a Lance Armstrong, particularly because they are so much more arrogant in their wrongs.

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