• Yes, Payton Manning is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow

    Yes, I believe that Payton Manning is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow for many reasons. The most obvious of all reasons is the fact that Payton Manning is still an active quarterback in the NFL, and Tim Tebow is not. Payton Manning has also won the superbowl, owns the NFL record for career touchdown passes, and numerous other records as well.

  • Easy Decision Here

    Peyton Manning is a much better quarterback than Tim Tebow. He is more accurate and has a stronger arm. He is a proven winner and has much more passing yards. Peyton reads defenses well and knows how to lead an offense. Tebow is just an athlete without many position skills.

  • They both have the same potential as each other

    They have both proven themselves at varying degrees in each match they play that their game performances are always changing from positive to neutral to negative. There is no way to say that one quarterback is better than the other unless you judge them buy there overall match statistics and the amount of games they have played.

  • Tebow is better

    Tim Tebow is better in so many ways that Peyton Manning. All you have to do is look at Tebow's record. Peyton Manning is one of the golden boys of football because people like him and his brother a lot. They are popular right now. He is a great player but I think Tebow wins out.

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