• Three reasons ,

    1: Stats. Pure personal statistics are the only objective measure between two players. Manning has the statistical advantage over Brady.

    2: MVP awards. Peyton Manning has more MVP awards, so by definition he has been voted as a better player.

    3: Played magnificently under two coaches. Tom Brady has had one of the 3 best coaches in NFL history his entire career in Belichick. Manning has reached success with Tony Dungy and John Fox who are respectable coaches, but not on Belichicks level.

  • Who is better QB?

    I just need 3 reasons why Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady. I am writing a paper over this topic, and i am on Manning's side, my friend is against me and saying Brady is better. So i just need couple reasons at least 3 on why Manning is better than Brady.

  • Obviously peyton is better

    No one cares about rings because you can be on a stacked team and have more rings than a good player on a bad team like jj watt. All that matters is the records and peyton has way more than brady and is an overall better player, passer, he's smarter and quarterback.

  • Who is better

    The broncos are the best football team because their going to the super bowel and they not. In Tom Brady team is not better than the broncos and never will be better. The broncos are best defense and offensive team this year at playing football they also socred the most touchdowns.

  • Peyton for the win!!!

    Peyton Manning is alot better because he has been in the game for alot longer and is smarter with his downs than most quaterbacks. Although Tom Brady has a stronger arm, Peyton can deliver the ball to his recievers just as well. These are reasons that Peyton is better than Brady.

  • Brady haters read these stats

    Brady has 3 rings in 5 superbowls vs Peytons 1 out of 2

    Quarterbacks make their legacy in the playoffs so Brady 19-7 most wins in history Peyton is 11-11 tied for most losses

    Brady is 2nd all time in Pass/Interception%
    Peyton is 26th all time so he is less accurate

    And about those now 5 MVPS in the regular season how many does Peyton have in the SUPERBOWL??? Only 1
    Has Peyton ever gotten a UNANIMOUS MVP? Oh he hasn't wow thats weird bc Tom Brady has and is the ONLY one to get it

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