Is Peyton Manning one of the top five quarterbacks of all time?

  • Of course I agree

    Peyton Manning has been the top 5 quarter backs in the NFL since like 2 seasons ago and since his retirement he's really in the top 5 among the greatest quarter backs of all time.Not only because of the retirement but because he made the game of football better to understand and he knew how to play the game but he was a dominator to the game.If I had his records and can show them that probably would have summed up everything that I had said.

  • According to what I know

    Yes he is. What I know is that he is ranked as #4, but then with the speed at which he reached markers in the game is astonishing. He reached 50,000 passing yards quicker then any other quarterback ever, reached 4000 completions quicker then anyone before him and also the fastest time to reach 400 touchdowns ahead of any other. That makes him a great player and puts him as one of the top best in my book.

  • Peyton Manning is a breed unto his own.

    Peyton Manning is one of the top five quarterbacks of all time. I don't profess to know a ton about football. What I learned about the game, I've learned from my son, but whenever I've watched Peyton play, I am amazed at the guy's not only athletic ability, but his intelligence. You can actually see the wheels turning in his head.. he is a talented strategist, who is capable of carrying out his complex visions. He's amazing.

  • Manning Is Top 5

    Peyton Manning is definitely one of the top five quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. He has played great for many years and had a lot of success. Manning has multiple MVP's and a Super Bowl to his name. He also holds a lot of records in the league.

  • I think so

    As a Patriots fan that spent many years despise the man, it's hard to make an argument for Peyton not being amongst the most elite to ever play the game. What's most frightening is after a year off due to injury he's come back looking even better than he did before, he's always been a phenomenal player.

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