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  • Peyton manning sucks

    Peyton Manning is good, but in the playoffs he loses the divisional. Peyton Manning made it to THREE super bowls, but won only ONE. On his record he has one of the worst super bowl loss. 43 - 8 against the Seattle Seahawks at the end of his best season. So that is why PEYTON MANNING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • No, he not

    MATT RYAN IS THE BEST. Peyton manning i a good qb but he needs to improve on his throwing. I think that he shoulod not have left the colts because he was a good qb when has ha qb. He had a higher career run that trent richardson of his whole career

  • Great QB, but not the best ever.

    Peyton Manning is definitely one of the best players in the NFL, and I'll even put one of the best all time out there. But, I'd never put Peyton at #1, as there have been quarterbacks like Joe Montana who have done better than Peyton. I'd possibly even say that Drew Brees is a better overall talent than Peyton Manning.

  • Manning is not the best. Will never be. Overrated and has been favored with rules changed to help receivers against defensive backs.

    Peyton Manning is a very good qb. However, I do not agree on him being the best ever. He has won many games and broken many records but these have been against weak teams. When Manning faces teams with great defenses, he tends to lose control and fall into desperation. In my point of view, the best quarterbacks ever have been Joe Montana and John Elway.

  • He's still playing, so it's hard to tell what his legacy will be.

    In my honest opinion, you can't tell if a current NFL quarterback is the best quarterback to ever play the game. After his career is over, it would be fair to ask this question but since he is still playing, it's unfair to answer. He's the best quarterback in the NFL right now, but to say that he's the best to ever play the game would be premature at this point in his career.

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