• Let the records speak for themselves.

    It is within reason to say that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time. Holding the record for touchdown passes (409), which he recently set. His attention to detail and seeing plays and possibilities so quickly and accurately, makes his one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

  • Yes, Payton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time.

    Yes, Payton Manning is the greatest player to ever play his position. Payton Manning now holds the all-time record for touchdown passes in the NFL, has overcome neck surgeries, and continued to play at the highest level the world has ever seen. When Payton was in Indianapolis, he had one of the least dominate receiving cores in the league, and was still able to achieve at least 10 wins almost every season.

  • Yes I do believe Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback.

    I have watched football a couple of times and one thing I can recall is the name Peyton Manning. During all the shows I've ever watched I can always remember one of my friends rooting for him and that must be for a reason! Peyton Manning has won several games due to his quality game play and athletic skills. Sure, there are other great players but he is one of the most talked about!

  • No no no.

    Because he sucks.
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  • Watch out for Aaron Rodgers!

    Aaron Rodgers has the highest career passer rating, and with a possible nine years left in his career, could definitely continue playing at the amazing skill level he is exhibiting now and pass Manning in certain statistical fields such as touchdown passes.
    Peyton Manning is one of the greats, but calling him THE GREATEST doesn't seem quite right with Rodgers around.

  • Peyton Manning is overrated

    Peyton Manning is overrated. He is very skilled, but any highly skilled quarterback that comes along gets praised to no end. People over-value the ability of quarterbacks. Any quarterback at any time could be the next big thing, or another player's skill could improve and overshadow Manning. There is always a flavor of the year in sports players.

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