Is Pfiesteria Potentially the Next Biological Threat

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • Maybe Worse Than Ebola

    Pfiesteria is very deadly. It steals chloroplasts from plant cells! It produces a toxin that kills most fish and then it eats the fish. It's a single-celled organism, but it goes through phases where its celluar structure changes. Plus, it's very elusive. Some scientists who have studied it like JoAnnn Burkholder and Howard Glasgow have gotten Alzheimer's-like symptoms. Plus, pfiesteria has a taste for blood. It apparently can make a fish's white blood cell count be 20% of normal. It even has a taste for human blood. Howard Glasgow pricked his finger and the creature just started gouging on his blood cells until they died. It loves fresh blood. Plus, people think it' caused millions of fish's deaths. For more information you can read And The Waters Turned to Blood by Rodney Barker or go to the following links:

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