• Yes, of course it is.

    Pharmaceutical medicine is much better than alternative medicine, because it has been proven to work by scientists and approved by a government agency controlled mostly by scientists. Alternative medicine usually isn't medicine at all. In fact, if it was really medicine, it would not be called alternative at all. It would simply be medicine.

  • Its been tested

    Yes, I do think that medicine from a pharmacy is a lot better that any alternative medicines out there. The reason why I am behind this is because the medicines that are sold in pharmacies have been tested over and over and proven to work good to cure your illness.

  • Pharmaceutical medicine has only been around for a few decades. Alternative medicine has been around for thousands of years.

    The only reason we have science-based evidence to prove that pharmaceutical is "better" is because it is for treating people who have no healthy lifestyle whatsoever. All the processed, Man-made foods are filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients that are linked to diseases that are only hard to cure when the person is too stubborn to make a change in their diet and lifestyle. Pharmaceutical drugs only treat the affected parts of your body, It won't completely nourish you in the long run. There are too many side effects from long term use of pharmaceutical medicine. If taken too much, It can be lethal. There are more death sentences and lawsuits against pharmaceutical medicine.

  • Its unnatural and faulty

    A natural cure for diabetes exists big pharma wants money alternatives are natural if herbs diabetes isn't cured by conventional medicine becuase it's making too much money to make a cure they are drooling from profits natural cures for many things exist so you aren't doomed but conventional medicine only cures minor not major illnesses becuase profits

  • Chemicals is always worse than natural.

    Man made chemicals is not better than natural things done to your body or plants that are naturally grown. The chemicals may have an adverse reaction to each other that might not be known for years. Alternative medicine does not have to be taken orally. There are many different forms and most of them have been around for hundreds of years and not just 20 or less.

  • No, pharmaceutical medicine is not always superior.

    Pharmaceutical medicine is not always better than alternative medicine, even though common knowledge holds that pharmaceuticals are more well-tested and proven treatments. There are cases, however, in which this proof has been fabricated and later refuted, as was seen with many of the SSRI drugs used to treat depression. It is quite possible that alternative medicine does not lack "scientific evidence" of its efficacy because it is not effective. Instead, one must consider the fact that there is little financial incentive for researchers to study alternative treatements that cannot be patented and sold for profit.

  • No, one should try natural remedies first.

    Many of the drugs that the major drug companies are selling were first based on alternative medicine's natural drugs. Nature provides what we need to heal, so we should try that first. If it is not enough, then sometimes it is wise to take prescription drugs, but the side effects may be as bad or worse than the condition they treat.

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