• Ostracizing and Dehumanizing Specific People Groups Is the Basis of Bigotry.

    A bigot is defined as: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. Phil Robertson does just that. He bases his entire worldview off of an ancient book (the Bible) and refuses to see things rationally or humanistically. Of course, the definition of "fair" is fluid, but the judgement that Robertson passes seems far from unfair to me.

  • Based on the definition

    Based on the definition of a bigot indeed be is, both against blacks and gays. Free speech does not extend to employment. Freedom of religion does not extend to employment.You are free to speak against the government without fear of prosecution, and you have the freedom to worship as you choose. That's it.

  • A total Bigot

    Are you kidding me that the person who wrote next to me actually stated that if the person uses their Faith to base their biased beliefs she gives them a pass. All the more reason not to give someo0ne a pass. All the Bible beaters want cry they are being picked on, how many lives have been lost in this world based on "Faith". So quoting his faith or not Phil Robertson is speaking from his very dark bigoted soul!

  • Phil Robertson is without a doubt a racist and a bigot.

    Phil Robertson is without a doubt a racist and a bigot. He is so immersed in racism that he is not
    even aware that he is a bigot. He was
    raised in the deep south where this was an accepted way of life. He probably doesn’t even know any other way.

  • Some People Seek Out Reasons To Be Offended

    There was nothing wrong with Phil telling the story of how he grew up and his personal experiences. Honestly, some people seek out reasons to be offended. How dare the man relate that the black people he knew seemed happy from everything he saw? That can't be right. His perceptions of his own circumstances don't count for anything. Yes, other people in other places had different circumstances - that's how life works. It doesn't mean his personal account is bigoted or racist or anything of the sort.

  • He's just stating his views.

    He was asked a question, and he answered honestly. Anyone who calls him a bigot for having these views is a bigot to their own view as well. A bigot is one who is intolerant of anyone else's view aside from their own. If you're going to be intolerant of his view, you're a bigot. He said he still loves the people who's lifestyle differ's from their own.

  • I have to say yes & no.

    Whenever a person bases their beliefs on their faith, I am willing to give them a pass even if I don't agree with them. We still have freedom of religion, in America. Now, if they are distorting their religion that's a different matter entirely. Robertson, to me, is a mixture of crude redneck & bigot. His remarks about Blacks ... Picking cotton with them, etc. ... That's the bigotry slipping out. His remarks about Gays, though faith-based, were crude. That, my friends, is the redneck coming out. Please, do not assume that all Southerners act like the "Duck Dynasty" gang.

    For the record, I was born in the South. I have lived three-fourths of my life in the region. And I spent 7 years in neighboring (to DD in Louisiana) Mississippi. Back in the 60's, when Phil was most likely picking cotton ... A Black man or woman wouldn't have dared complain about Whites within ear-shot of a White kid. They would have been afraid to. In those days, a White kid's word (certainly in the Deep South) usually had priority over that of an adult Black. When you are a youngster who has lived in both North & South, you notice things like that. My father, who was a native of St. Louis, constantly reminded me that I was a child even though I didn't need a reminder. I was expected to say "Yes, ma'am" & "Yes, sir" to every adult around me (regardless of their skin color). My mother, a born & bred Southerner, supported that. But it was certainly not the norm among those born & raised in the Deep South. I have very few good memories of living in the Delta (a mere 60 miles from the Louisiana-line). Maybe it was the 60's era? The hostilities of Civil Rights? Segregation and Integration? Or maybe, it was the obvious bigotry that even a child could see? I highly doubt Louisiana was any different!

  • The word "bigot" is being misused.

    I have never seen so much anti-Christian bigotry in my life. This man is being demonized for his belief system. I was disgusted at first... And then I realized that it is only the media making it look like everyone is against him. We aren't. We aren't all bigots. We don't hate Christians, and we don't hate gays ( even if we disagree with one or the other ). Stop with the anti-Christian bigotry.

  • Not if you watched the interview.

    Phil didn't just go around throwing out his mind like a mad man... In the interview, he was specifically asked his opinion. The interviewer specifically asked him what he thought of gay people. Then to finish, he said that it's not right to make of of them, and that we would be better off if everyone just loved each other...

    I'd say "looks like the media's leaving out the important details once again" but the media's actually more supportive than I figured they'd be. Either way, liberal blowhards (like any conservative blowhard) leaves out the finer details to destroy the other side...

  • Nope, not at all.

    A bigot is someone who intentionally hates and discriminates a group of people for reasons of pride and selfishness, neither of which is Phil Robertson. It's called opinion, people, it's allowed here in America. If you do not agree with it, then go and live with the North Koreans or the Cubans, I'm sure they'll be happy to have you.

  • PC has pushed Christianity about as far as it can go

    Don't you think that political correctness has pushed Christianity about as far as it can go? I don't see how Christianity can be watered down any more and still be Christianity. The Bible teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. It doesn't say that homosexuals themselves are evil and wicked (that's how he could say after all that that he still "loves" gays, it's the "gays aren't bad but they need to turn away from their desires", "pray the gay away" mentality). It just makes it pretty clear that the act of gay sex is a sin. Where do you think the word "sodomy" came from? Now if you think the Bible in its entirety is hate-inspiring and that all Christians are bigots, just say so. GLAAD should just come out and say they think Christianity itself is hateful. Because honestly, I think Christians have just about reached their breaking point- I can't imagine them changing their views much more. PC people should realize that there's very little about Christianity that is PC, and either give up trying to fit in into the PC mold or start working on banning the religion completely. I'm an atheist by the way, and I think it's stupid to insist that homosexuality is immoral in any way. But the guy has a right to be stupid. Just because he doesn't agree with me doesn't mean he can't express his opinion.

  • The interviewer was a hate mongeror

    Have you read the interview? I understand that not everyone has the same views when it comes to hunting, religion and family loyalty, but the article starts out with Drew Magary complaining that there is a crossbow in the truck just in case they have to do a "redneck driveby" on the "poor bastard" (deer). He shares his contempt for Robertson family. The entire interview is riddled with sarcasm toward Pattesons remarks, caveats to perceived misinformation, special attention to details that indicate his contempt for the Robertsons such as them watching FOX news and foot bunions. The one kind thing he does say from himself has nothing to do with the Family, He likes the jerky sent from fans. I just don't understand how a person can go into someones house, eat their food, and shoot their guns then write such an awful and deceitful representation of a welcoming family.

    It looks like Magary had ill intentions from the start. He says "Out here in these woods, without any cameras around, Phil is free to say what he wants. Maybe a little too free."
    A little too free? How much free is too free? How much free is restricted? Too Free is an oxymoron that anyone should recognize as impossible. I could go on and on breaking down the maliciousness of the article, but I would rather that people read it for themselves

  • No, not a bigot, but a loving Christian man.

    Phil Robertson would love for everyone to come to know Christ and repent of their sins. His statement, while crudely stated, is a reflection of God's Word. If the tables were turned and this were a liberal/LGBT person bashing Christians or Christianity, you wouldn't here a peep from the media or from any activist group. They would also be crying 1st amendment violation, only in that case the leftist, statist media would back them 100%. Phil loves everyone, the last thing he wants is to push anyone away from Christ, and I am certain that it breaks his heart that some may be driven away by this negative sociocentric reaction to his words.

  • Read the whole interview!!

    Phil Robertson said, if you read the entire interview, what he thought sin was. This included a long list, let's say 10 for argument's sake. He bases his interpretation of what he thinks sin is on the Bible. Saying what he thinks sin is and actively hating another group because of their lifestyle or ideas are completely different things. He also said that 'we' should love one another and things would be so much better... Read the following excerpt:

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DatAzian says2013-12-20T14:33:13.450
If Phil Robertson is a bigot, then A&E is a bunch of controlling religion-hating bastards.