Is Phil Taylor receiving far more recognition and credit than he actually deserves?

  • Phil Taylor is having an effect, just not that much

    The Browns are an entire team of necessary players. Phil Taylor plays a central role as nose tackle, but is hardly the core of the entire team. His fans may overreach in saying that the Browns could not get a win without him. He has been taken out of games before and the second string stepped up.

  • A great man

    No, he is not getting more attention than he deserves, because he did a truly great thing, and he worked very hard to complete all of the things that he has done. He is a great man, and should be getting every bit of attention that he is getting now.

  • He is part of a team.

    No, Phil Taylor is not getting more recognition than he deserves, because you would have to follow football to even know who he is. He was only drafted 21st into the NFL. Although he started every game in 2011, he has not been given all that much credit for his team's success. He is another player.

  • No not really.

    I do not feel like Phil Taylor is receiving more credit and recognition than deserved. I think if the majority of people really like him this much and think he is amazing, than maybe he really is. Sometimes it is the majority of people that matter, not our own single thoughts.

  • No, not really.

    Phil Taylor is one of the best dart players who ever lived, and I think he's getting the right amout of recognition and credit that he deserves. There will always be arguments like these about people who play sports, and they're ultimately pointless. If you are good at something and in the public spotlight, you will be celebrated for it.

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