• It is dead. It does nothing but perpetuate itself like a slime mold

    Yes it is dead, because there is no there there. When I look at the arguments that claim that philosophy is not dead, I see nothing but strings of words, with what I believe to be the key words, having no meaning.

    Go. Look up what existence means. About 5000 words on wikipedia of mostly conflicting verbiage, including such ambiguous terms as reality. Are conspiracies real? Is god real? Is my reality different from your reality?

    Some statements are simply demonstrably false. For example
    " Stating philosophy is dead would be stating people no longer wonder about life and their place in the universe." Yet Stephen Hawking, stated that philosophy is dead, and to the best of my knowledge he continues to wonder about life, and probably about his place in the universe.

    And this statement: " Those who discount philosophy are potentially destined to relive those truths told by philosophers, and therefore face the chance of repeating mistakes already made. "
    Here we see the use of the word truth, which has exactly zero meaning outside of logic and math. And exactly which mistake in the past 2000 years has not been repeated over and over again. The only mistakes that are not repeated are those having to do with actual measurable science.

    I could go on with more examples. Philosophy serves no purpose except to perpetuate itself in the church of philosophy and generate PhD's to perpetuate the ideas of their teachers. It has solved no problems in the past 1500 years, and it has been responsible for nothing useful. It causes nothing to be invented or made. It improves the lives only of the residents of the church of philosophy, and is incapable of even seeing original thought that might be considered philosophy since that original thought comes from outside of the church of philosophy. The two writers who could might be considered philosophers and have sold more books than all other modern philosophers combined are Pirsig and Eric Hoffer, and they are not on any list of philosophers.

    Not only is philosophy dead, but I am in the process of making the stake that I will drive through its undead heart. See xfoolnature.Org TOE

  • Philosophy is idle speculation.

    Without actually going out to observe things, that is doing science, you will never be able to get any answers. The only thing philosophy can do is clarify concepts, but that is a part of every subject and doesn't need to be its own discipline. With out observation philosophy is just building castles in the air.

  • Philosophy May Not Be Dead...But Is It Dying?

    I don't think philosophy is dead but I think it may be dying by becoming less and less relevant as a means of discovering truth. In a pre-scientific age, speculation (logical or illogical) was the only way for humans to try and make sense of the world and of the cosmos. The question of whether or not humans have FREE WILL, for example, has been debated by philosophers for centuries. But science will almost certainly provide the ultimate answer to that question as we come to understand how the brain actually works (don't kid yourself, we are just now starting to scratch the surface of how the brain works).

  • There are philosophical explanation for a problem as long as there is no scientific explanation exists.

    Nothing but science can really answer to serious questions. The only place philosophy can be somehow helpful is in some specific scientific problems. (as an useful tool) ... Or in some problems that humanity still don't have any scientific explanation for, like some problems about human psychology, or something science didn't explored yet (you may call it meta-physics or similar things, IMAO there is no "meta" for physics)

  • No logical and scientific ultimate truth exists

    The ultimate truth is that there is no ultimate truth. The belief that God created the cosmos is logical but will never be scientific. The belief that a godless cosmos was magically born from absolutely nothing regarding all realms of time and space is both illogical and forever unscientific. The belief that a godless cosmos was never born but rather always existed in one shape or another is illogical and forever unscientific. Of the 3 possibilities, only the one involving God is logical.

  • Free free free.

    Folks there is Nothing wrong with philosophy.

    In facts, nothing with with Humanities, language. Arts literature. It just happens to be All Free free free.

    1. Free pass to Free free free public library.

    2. Free Webpages on internet. Tim Lee gave away Web (WWW) for free to free world. All people can have Free free free webpages for free free free.

    3. Starbucks University. One can talk all day/all night about philosophy at Starbucks and NOT pay a single dollar.

    4. YES. NO. All colleges does is sell admit ticket to class. Like Beatles/Elvis/Music, one one video a philosophy class/post on web and world can see it for free free free.

    Folks, nothing wrong with philosophy, it just happens to be FREE FREE FREE. NOT A SINGLE DOLLAR NEEDED.

  • Philosophy is History

    Today we can only have philosophical exercises on matters that science have not yet made clear. The idea that new theories or hypothesis to understand our existence, our brain or the universe in which we live belong to philosophy is misleading and false. Philosophy looks for explanations but do not try to demonstrate them. As Heidegger considered last century, philosophy has derived in more tangible sciences. If not dead, it is slowly vanishing as we get real (or at least less fantastic) knowledge.

  • Living dead !

    I didn't know where to post this option, but I think philosophy as an academic informative field is really dead. Its original purpose does no longer exist. But it may be now as the field of history or literature. Are history and literature dead?? No they aren't of course and being uninformative fields, from the perspective of science, doesn't mean that they are useless or "dead"
    From another viewpoint, philosophical issues are still there and they will be still there but they just don't need to be specialized in a field called philosophy. In this sense philosophy is already dead and, in the same time, life is teeming with philosophy and philosophers ! Even the discussion of whether philosophy is dead or not is a philosophical discussion which imply that philosophy is not dead to the extent that the opponents of the dead philosophy allege. But, again, as an informative academic field with its original purpose philosophy has nothing to afford.

  • Philosophy is Dead

    Philosophy and some other related fields have been subsumed by physics in explaining the nature of existence. Even logic is basically maths. And maths explains the world around us in ways where philosophy ceases to exist - such at the conditions of the "early" universe where even the cause-effect construct becomes meaningless. Philosophy is not a real way to look at the universe around us because there are assumptions in philosophy (such as cause and effect) that just become irrelevant when explaining how the universe works and the very origins of its existence.

  • Stephen Hawking is talking about modern-times philosophy people.

    Yes, he uses Aristoteles and Socrates to make his point, but we must remember that those were more of what we now call SCIENTISTS. They tries to find logical explanations to things (and that is what philosophy should do actually), instead of doing what Philosophy is nos. Philosophers now a days do nothing more that propose unreasonable questions that don't have, and will never have answers. Why lose precious time thinking about stupid existencial questions when you can turn to science and find all the logical answers theres? Philosophy is dead.

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  • No, but it is on life support.

    Philosophy's relevance in everyday life has never been universally recognized, even less so now in the 21st century and as a result it's audience has been reduced to consisting mostly academic professionals. Philosophy today is like an old grandfather clock that has been disassembled and all of the parts carefully laid out and identified as to their role in making the clock work. The cumulative parts still constitute a clock but unfortunately the goal of keeping time is lost. To survive philosophy must become relevant and keep time.

  • What is Philosophy?

    A love of wisdom? A study in ethics and morality? What is a human being? What it calls consciousness? What it tells itself it is? The ancients had their gods. The God of wind. The God of the sun. Of the oceans. A complex being that had control beyond their measure. But it was philosophy that taught them how to live. How to be. How to act. Philosophy like reason reigned. The real question isn't 'is philosophy dead' it is ..Is philosophy art? We all know what Oscar Wilde said about art , it is quite useless. The only excuse for a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. And yet we gather their is more to philosophy. And yet truth in the statement. How many useless things are followed and believed in. Simply because. No, logically philosophy will always exist. It is where human will and the abstract constant of itself meet.

  • Philosophy is not dead.

    To make the claim that philosophy is dead is self refuting. It is a self defeating argument because the claim that philosophy is dead is in and of itself a philosophical claim. Philosophy is unavoidable and inescapable. Therefore the belief that philosophy is dead is in and of itself, a philosophy.

  • Philosophy lives on

    Whilst there are still unanswered questions that science cannot answer, which there currently are and will be for the foreseeable future, such as Does God Exist and Why is art install a feeling of beauty in us, philosophy will be alive and without philosophy, humans would be reduced to their primal instincts.

  • Cognito ergo sum+ no proof your not sleeping= rationalist philosophy superceding philosophy (and some empiric stuff too, like descartes wax things

    That was really all I had to say, but yeah science is the study of empirical evidence, axiomatic to assumption that said empirical evidence isn't illusory, misleading, misinterpreted, and that our senses don't misinterpret. Philosophy is just as objective and reasonable as mathematics, only nobody benefits from faulty mathematics.

    Scientist: "philosophy isn't so great, all they got is cognito ergo sum!"
    Philosopher: " true, kind of. Tell me how is research into the health and fitness industry?"
    Scientist: "well there is all of this conflicting data, pseudoscience and propoganda by multi billion dollar corporations that even nutrition and health courses are heavily saturated with bias"
    Philosopher:"Cure for cancer?"
    Scientist: " a hundred years and nothing so far, but i'm sure once the multi billion dollar corporation finds a cure it will just shut itself down".
    Philosopher:"how are mathematics, technology, and mechanics going? You know, those things that only benefit, people, especially the bourgeois when they work?"
    Scientist: "splendidly."
    Philosopher:"That's why i'm a philosopher."

  • Cognito ergo sum+ no proof your not in a dream= rationalist philosophy superceding science!

    Cognito ergo sum. + the fact that you can't prove the fact that your not in a dream= philosophy superceding scientism. AKA suck my dick scientists. Everything exists as an idea, a subject (you or I), an object, or a concept, and that's the problem with most scientists, they ONLY think in terms of objective reality, not subjective, not conceptual or ideallic, and that's why they come up a flood neuropseudoscience to make it out as though they have the answers to philosophical things they never will, because they only think in their terms.

  • It is not dead.

    Philosophy is not dead..As long as the human, tries to create something through intuition, formulating ideas that somehow could help humanity, then philosophy is still there. Now on the other hand, the specialization is the problem, but the question is where those specialization come from? At first through philosophizing! But the problem of some people they are not aware of that, because they want to concertize those ideas which is somehow absurd, but there's nothing wrong with that. Some people use scientific methods in order to prove something again there's nothing wrong with that, but we must instill in our minds that everything we do, philosophy is stll there, in us

  • We still use philosophy

    Philosophy is everywhere, from the cereal you choose in the morning to the scientists working in the laboratory. It's in arguing, and it's in, though. Everything around you is built on philosophy: law, ethics, mathematics and even science. If philosophy is dead, then the world is dead, for the world needs philosophy to function.

  • Philosophy is wisdom

    Philosophy courses give you more than just knowledge of the world; they give you a deep understanding of how the world works, even how it should work. Philosophy not only enhances your intellect but gives you a different perspective of our world and surroundings. A famous French philosopher once said "It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.” This is what's` lacking in modern day society with governments and people not using the 10% of their brain efficiently. Therefore, as long as we are in existence philosophy will always be in existence.

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