Is philosophy the most important subject to learn? Yes or no please give opinions

  • Philosophy is the base of all knowledge

    1) The sciences required the philosophy of science and analytical philosophy so that we could create the best methods in achieving scientific answers.

    2) Arguments required philosophical analysis in terms of logic so that we could distinguish between bad and good arguments.

    3) No, I just need 8 more words

  • An important subject to learn for all students.

    Philosophy is most definitely an important subject for all students, And even simply people in general, To learn. I don't get the premise that one must have a full fledged degree in it, That makes no sense as far as discrediting the subject as a whole. You don't need to have a masters in it to take valuable lessons from it. Its the study of what separates us from literally everything else in existence. Knowing yourself and what your capable of, Knowing others and what they're capable of, What might lead them to do the things they do, All of it … its the basis of right and wrong quite honestly. People practice it everyday without thinking about it, But getting to compare your thoughts to those who have experienced things both differently and potentikally the same as you have … why that's the foundation for every other subject there is!

    To put it bluntly, Really, You cannot ask this question, Answer this question with any modicum of sensibility, Or give any opinion without some level of philosophical thinking taking place. Why wouldn't you want people to study it first and foremost? How can you expect any compassion or social interaction be civil without the other party thinking first? Wouldn't you want every person you interacted with to be intelligent enough to look at themselves and respect who and what you are (another sentient being)? How can you expect them to if they havent been taught what it means to be human? Or to recognize where it is they think the knowledge they have comes from? Philosophy is Critical Thinking. Critical thinking is paramount if you ever intend to do anything of importance that someone else in this world hasnt already done. You aren't going to be the best in math, Science, Etc. If all you can do is memorize what people before you discovered through critical thinking. Philosophy is and always has been that element that pushes the exceptional few out to the forefront in every other subject.

  • No, What are you going to use it for?

    If you are talking about the degree, Don't get it. It's like saying you want to get a Liberal Arts degree. Cool. Do it and see what your job outlook will be. Because you probably won't get a job for a long time, If at all. Waste of time. You're better off taking something that'll actually have to do with your future career, (For instance, A IT student might take a undergraduate along with their associates in order to start their bachelors next. )

  • Philosophy by its lonesome does not guarantee success

    A common argument for philosophy being taught is that a degree in philosophy shows a higher level of thinking which increases your chances of being hired/accepted into university. This may be true, But a degree in philosophy by itself does not really open many doors.

    Please help I need to do a small essay on whether or not philosophy is the most important subject to learn.

  • Philosophy is an opinion

    It is basically just a religion. Nobody cares about it anyway as it is just boring. I am just going to spam the page because it requires me to have more words.

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