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  • No, it is not.

    Philosophy is not too tedious, just requires logic, and thinking, but that that is with any field a person would choose to enter. If a person really loves philosophy they will not find it tedious, just fun and interesting. As long as you care about what you are doing, or have a real interest in it, it won't be tedious.

  • No, philosophy is not too tedious.

    Philosophy is not too tedious, it just requires some logic and understanding, with a good working knowledge of reading and comprehension. Some people really love philosophy, so I am sure that for those individuals the work is anything but tedious. It comes down to how much you love doing what you are doing.

  • No, it is actually useful.

    Philosophy can involve some logic, but I believe it isn't too tedious. It teaches you how to argue something logically and rationally. The thinking aspect is very important when arguing or rationalizing a position. You must be able to come up with the concept logically without resorting to fallacies which are improper arguments and reasoning.

  • No, philosophy is not tedious.

    Philosophy is no more tedious than neuroscience or any other topic or field that requires great depth of thought on many levels. Philosophy is a mentally exhausting science for most people, but that doesn't equate to it being tedious. Tedium is doing the same thing over and over, and philosophy is always looking at things from new perspectives.

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