• No, and yes

    Philosophy is not dead, it just have little value these days. Every day we especialy people on my facebook, are spiting philosophy without even thinking about it, Philosophy has become more of a normal reasoing pattern.

    To become a great man of phisolophy these days, you have to be extraordinary, becasue any 12years can sight your work, and even correct you.
    Becasue philosopy bares no fruite, but that of mently reasoning, you really dont get to use it that often in life.

  • Philosophy is all around us.

    Some would like to imagine that philosophy has somehow ceased to be relevant to modern life, or that it has been superseded by science. This view is certainly wrong. Questions of ethics, of the ideal political system, of the nature of knowledge and so on, will always be relevant, as they are issues that impact on us in our everyday lives and which have bearing upon many theoretical and practical disciplines. The influence of philosophy is has been, and continues to be immense. That people can talk of subjects such as human rights or the superiority of democracy, and yet can simultaneously believe that philosophy is dead, is nothing short of ridiculous. The very fact that ideas such as natural rights, which were developed by philosophers, are still discussed and debated today, testifies to the fact that philosophy is alive and well. For by debating such topics, one is taking part in philosophical discourse.

  • Not at all.

    Philosophy cannot be dead because the philosophy that philosophy is dead is in and of itself, a philosophy. So the assertion that philosophy is dead is a claim that refutes itself by its own terms. Philosophy is unavoidable and inescapable. Obviously, the person who made up the philosophy that philosophy is dead obviously hates philosophy. Either that, or he was having a REALLY bad day lol😀

  • Philosophy is far from dead.

    The very fact that there are thousands of professional philosophers all over the world right now kinda shows that philosophy is not dead. Bio-ethics as a philosophical field is booming, what with scientific advances in cloning, surgical procedures, stem cell research, etc. If you have a stance on one of these ("foetuses are people, abortion is murder", "letting one foetus live vs. Curing millions of people of genetic diseases is worth it" etc.), then you're doing philosophy (unless your stance is motivated by religion).
    Saying that philosophy is dead is willfully ignoring the huge impact that it continues to have to this day. Do you think democracy is better than fascism, because it promotes the greatest freedom for its populace? That's political philosophy. Do you think paedophiles should be hanged, to prevent them from hurting any more children? That's philosophy of justice. Do you think the only purpose or meaning in life is that which you decide for yourself? That's existentialism. Do you think that philosophy is useless because it bears no fruit? That's philosophy of philosophy (which yes, is a real thing).

    Philosophy is the application of reason and argumentation to discover just how the world around us works, not only in a physical sense, but socially, politically, ethically, economically, metaphysically, linguistically, artistically, the list goes on and on. Anyone claiming that philosophy is dead, clearly has no idea what they're talking about.

  • Philosphy is used everyday

    We not only use it in deciding political laws, but we also use it in our everyday life. Philosophy effects our moral opininons, and we subcontiously use it to contemplate decisions, therfore giving us the idea of good and evil. If you clame philosophy to be dead in your life, then you have no moral basis, and are no more than a man without ideas

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AnonyFeline says2015-01-04T12:05:45.383
Philosophy in the form of dielectric exchange of ideas used to evolve into something new is definitely not dead, but it may be in recession. There exists a oasis in the desert in a few places where these exchanges still occur without the trappings of institutional dogma or the excessive noise of the media and peer pressure, but they are extremely few and far between. There are occasional jewels of enlightenment that emerge from this site, which is a good open resource, but the method of dialectic has been slightly misguided/misdirected and has diminished in quality, as of late. A "better" or "winning" argument does not constitute correctness and/or truth, and valuing them MAY set us on the a path less conducive to actual progress, but it's definitrlely a good exercise on the journey. Philosophy in general education and the a value of the general population is becoming more and more scarce, which is quite alarming.