• Phish is the influential band

    Since Phish has been jam'n they have been one of top touring bands each year. They are, to this day, one of the few bands that can sell out a major venue. Trey has been the driving force behind selling such products as hollow body guitars, analogman pedals, Ross compressors have skyrocketed in price, boomerang loopers, and Fender 65 deluxe reverb amps. Many guitar players today cite Trey as a major influence, bass players constantly cited Mike as a major influence and he has played with such greats as Gov't Mule and Leo Kottke. No band of the 90's and 00's that can claim the consistant following to this day as Phish.

    Posted by: eNo
  • I Haven't Hear of Them

    You'd think that if you're the most influential band of our time, your influence would be such that any average joe would've hear about you. But as my title states, I've never heard of them, and I know none of my friends have. More people have heard of Green Day, for example.

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