Is phone battery just a lie made up by the government to make us all sad?

Asked by: ThereIsNoCanadia
  • Yes yes yes

    I cry when I have low battery. With full battery I am happy. The government does whatever it takes to make the human race sad. Now I am going to say a poem to get 50 words.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The government owns us
    And our phone battery too

    Debate King Out.

  • Of course it is

    We have the tech to make nukes, but not to keep my phone charged forever? Of course it's a lie by the government, and if you say otherwise you're wrong. Just think about all the technology, the government is the only reason you can't have your phone charged forever. E N D O F S T O R Y.

  • Not the "government" per se

    This question is wrongly put. The government doesn't control the battery of the phone, businesses do. Let me ask you another question, is Apple part of the government or is a multinational corporation?

    Assuming most people are intelligent to know that Apple is a company, and that every company HATES government intervention, then the answer would be "yes". It is a well known fact that Apple has been shortening the battery lifespan of their iPhones just so that more consumers will buy them once the battery dies. Yet recently Apple has now even begun slowing down the performance of their phones to "improve" the battery lifespan, as if Apple is trying to cover up the fact that they reduce the lifespan of their phones.

    So the moral of the story here is that the government isn't the bad guy here, MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS ARE THE EVIL ONES!

    (If this answer enlightened you, please like it, more people need to learn the truth.)

  • I mean prolly

    When my phone run out of battery i commit die . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Well if the US made the Earth hologram we all live on so they are probably able to control our batteries.

    The US made us thing the Earth is round (which it isn't) so they are probably able to make up a the horrorendious lie of phone batteries. JFK never died 9/11 never happened Snoop Dog is still alive and jesus isnt real and big Nibba needs food all of these things are true.

  • In an ideal world...

    This is coming from an electrical engineer, and I'm no bullshitting when I tell you to "assume" everything in our courses, from paths where the current can/cannot flow to the existence of a rat on Mr Trump's head. So, yeah, phone batt is a product of all those assumptions we treat as fact without actually verifying, and in all likelihood is something invented by the gov to make us all depressed just when we're about to get past that candy-crush stage...

  • This also makes me sad

    I agree i get very sad when my phone dies and i think apple wants us to all be sad and suicidal and that's not right i think phone batterie is actuelle the gouvernants way of reducing how long people live and want to reduce population without us knowing and this is very difficult for me to see.

  • We do not have the technology

    We simply do not have the technology to create infinite batteries. Perhaps in the future we will but not yet. Also, nuclear weapons are completely different then batteries. This post is most likely a joke anyways, but seriously? I have has enough with moronic buffoons who go “MUH GUBERMENT” over everything. Also, there is no reason to hide infinite battery technology!

  • How is this possible?

    As said before, humans do not have the technology to create such a thing. How in the world would this be possible if we have not even perfected electric cars? Even these cars do not run forever! This is a pretty unintelligible debate. Besides, I can’t even tell wether or not the people for the YES side are conspiracy theorists, joking, or just plain stupid.

  • Put your money where your mouth is.

    If you think that free energy is already here and government is keeping it from everyone, then you make it. Do something about if if you think it's real and speak with actions. Do some energy storage experiments and work with the materials before talking about it as if you know for certain.

  • Batteries have a limited duration.

    Batteries only last so long. Here's some information about the inner workings of a battery.

    " Anatomy of a battery

    Most batteries contain three basic parts: electrodes, an electrolyte and a separator, according to Ann Marie Sastry, co-founder and CEO of Sakti3, a Michigan-based battery technology startup."

    As you can read, batteries are real.


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