• Yes, by god it is.

    I'm just looking at this picture and it just hit me. It is a cruel joke when its used in this way, it begins to take away our love for the natural and begins to make everything superficial. Now Photoshop to a very minor degree is acceptable, but that is little more than a lie, and I for one despise lies.

  • Not just philosophically - the program is crap too

    I didn't even think about the ethics of using photoshop before i said yes - the functionality of the program itself is shit enough to make me agree. Also adobe's business practices are killing software for public use. You can't even buy a product from them anymore, You can only rent it. Plus, They're constantly coming out with needless patches to make their old products obsolete and make you pay for the new one, Even though the updates are usually fluffy anyways.

  • It is bad!

    Photoshop is bad because it is and you know it is bad if you read articles on the internet. So if you don't belive wat i say just go on the internet and read some articles and yea. Im done. And if you still don't belive photoshop is bad your just a stupid. Sorry if i hurt your feelings

  • It is bad

    Photo shop is very very very very bad because it makes lots and lots and lots and lots of people feel insecure about their body and make them want to change, which could lead to eating disorders and other problems that are extremely bad for your body. X x x

  • It absolutely is

    Because it's just not real it's makes things look bad and none of the shit you see is real and is even impossible to like work your way into getting that image and just leaves you nowhere but overtly hyper pretentious delusional expectations that makes pressure and low self esteem

  • This is disgusting

    Many models have been photo shopped and have been disgraced. Many models suffer from eating disorders or suffer from problems when these articles releases pictures that aren't their body.Teens and children looking at these pictures get the wrong idea as to what is the definition of "pretty" on a magazine. Zendaya and many more actors and models went against the Photoshop and say that it should come with a label.

  • Yes photoshoping is bad

    This is my opinion, i think it should be banned because students could get pictures of other students and crop their head on a inappropriate picture and make fun off them. Not only that kids see photoshop models on cover of a magazines and they want too look like that but in reality its photoshop. Kids also can develop body image problems eating disorders and self esteem issues. Photoshopping just makes a fake society. I relate too this because i am currently being bullied and called anorexic and too skinny and honestly i don't think i'm that skinny, and when I look at photoshopped images i feel body shamed and i question why my body is so disgusting.

  • Not at all

    Photo shop males girls or anyone feel better about themselves. If there want photo shop girls would be extremely depressed ever time they posted a picture on instagram and looked ugly. I don't believe that girls should be self conscious in the first place but that's their decision. If I was extremely self conscious Id rather make my self less self conscious through photo shop than feel disgusted about my self.

  • Photoshop is mean

    It hurts feelings. A lot of times. So many feelings are hurt from photoshop, It is unbelievable. Photoshop has no feelings so it hurts other feelings to make it feel like it is feeling feelings. Photoshop should go to jail because it is too rude and hurts too many feelings.

  • It Can be Used Correctly and Misused

    Photoshop can make funny things that couldn't happen otherwise be made. It can also fix the lighting and fix a bad hair day in a picture. However, many places today are abusing and misusing Photoshop. You can't trust photos these days. You have to see it directly yourself to see if something is true. If you're going to show super-skinny models, ten don't Photoshop them and tell girls to look like that.

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