Is physical discipline truly the only effective method of disciplining a child?

Asked by: Dtksgirl
  • Yes as a kid I was smacked or given the wooden spoon or extension cord as a child

    Kids these days a disrespectful little cunts, and I witness the brunt of it as a 15 year old I have 12-14 year olds always bitching about there boyfriends girlfriends, how their mums a bitch because she didn't buy her an iPhone 6, and then there's the spoilt little sluts, running around with stupid little poofter cunts wearing their hats backwards and having "swag" this generation..., my generation..., should be wiped off the planet and parents need to be strict with their children

  • Physical discipline should be used but not brutally.

    I believe Physical discipline is a method that should be used to discipline a child, but must be used in a strict and controlled matter. I am not saying its the only effective one, but I do believe it is the best when it comes to disciplining a child. As a child who was brought up this way and has turned out fine I believe that Physical discipline is the most effective method when it comes to discipline.

  • Research shows that it's not

    Physical discipline has been researched extensively and it is not the most effective method. In fact, it's a very poor method. Many countries have actually made laws limiting it and others (like Sweden) have outlawed it entirely on the basis of scientific research. Firstly, it doesn't teach kids why what they did was wrong, only that the parent doesn't like it. Essentially, it teaches them that the bad part is being caught and hit, not doing the action. It is also associated with increased rates of mental and emotional disorders such depression, low self esteem, and aggression. The only thing physical discipline is good for is immediate compliance. A far more effective method is explaining to your children why what they did was wrong, and how they wouldn't like it if others did it to them. Removal of privileges is also an effective alternative which is completely non-violent.

  • Many other effective methods

    Sometimes a physical punishment is best, but not always. I found that when I was a kid, sometimes the lecture hurt more than the spanking. I would say it depends a lot on the child. If they're very emotional and/or empathetic, letting them know how disappointed you are might be most effective. If she's attached to her toys or phone or TV show, maybe grounding her or taking away privileges would be the best. It really depends on who you are.

  • Distorts kids for the rest of life

    I am strictly against corporal punishment. I think when a child does something wrong, s/he should be taught why it is wrong. E.G., recently a mother got a notice from her daughter's school that her daughter bullies the kids who wear simple clothes. What her mother did, she didn't slap or hit her daughter, she made her daughter wear the same clothes for a week for the school. This way her daughter realized that it is not ok to bully other kids just coz of their clothing. If every parent starts instilling the sense of responsibility in their kids, the crime will drop down automatically. Many kids who receive beatings from parents end up being physically or mentally damaged for their whole lives. Many criminals have had a very bad childhood.

    Posted by: Vid
  • It doesn't work, period.

    The assumption that physical punishment will somehow teach a valuable lesson has been proven false by current scientific research. The association the child makes is not "what I'm doing is wrong", but " I should not get caught". They don't gain a sense of what is right and wrong. While restraining a child, much like an adult, can be necessary if they're out of control, physical violence doesn't provide any significant education.

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