Is physical force a justifiable method of punishing children?

  • Yes

    There are so many spoiled kids nowadays; it's very sad. Parents in this new generation need to grow a back bone and show how to discipline our children. Teenagers who are getting into trouble, getting drunk, are the very example of why we need physical methods are justified methods

  • Hate to admit it

    Although it does sound barbaric and cruel and etcetc.... It's hard to look at cultures that find corporal punishment acceptable and say that it has a negative impact on a child. This is obviously keeping in mind that the parent is not an ABUSIVE parent. However saying any physical force is abusive is too narrow a view point. Many people from homes that used corporal punishment recognize it is a very useful and efficient learning technique and many societies raise their children with a strict discipline system. And turn out great. I'd hate to say that it's alright but you can't go against the evidence

  • Children have no respect

    Symbolic physical punishment is justifiable for children because they do not respect patience, hard work and reasoning. That is a fact. Either you get fooled by your children or you let them know that you must respect GOOD reasoning or else their is a physical punishment. It is a matter of you either being a fool or being a smart parent.

  • Fear IS Respect. Corporal punishment is justifiable in concordance with certain contexts.

    I am a seventeen year old Filipino male who lives in the Philippines. Physical punishment in my country is, within my experience, not even an issue or concern. I have been spanked and whipped (by belt) a few times all over my body (excluding head and genitalia); as I can recall within and before my pre-teen years. Back then, I used to hate my parents for partaking in such "crimes". But it is only now that I understand; all that physical punishment was a necessity meant to keep my "bad side" in check. I love my parents for doing what they've done. Sure, they could have done better, but I am (hopefully) a model citizen. My moral compass always points to true north and I honestly do not see myself as psychologically or socially deficient. I respect my parents out of the love they've given me by teaching me, feeding me, and essentially giving me what I need as a human being. I respect my parents as well out of fear; fear being that at any given point in time they could do something that will ultimately shock you in terms of the unexpected. If you want your kids to respect you as a parent, show them that YOU are in control and that words are but empty shells to certain boys and girls. Of course, there will always be a limit to how punishment is applied. There is always a blurry, thin line between justifiable punishment and abuse. Whipping me in the head would have crossed that line for me but it never came to that. If there is no fear in respect, then respect wouldn't even exist. True respect is knowing that at anytime, that person, who you hold with high regards, can turn your world upside-down. With such simple knowledge in mind, I fully love my parents. I Respect them. I FEAR them.

  • Nothing wrong with me.

    I was brought up in a home where my parents were both members of the South African Judicial system (both being Magistrates). If I was naughty, I received a hiding. I am a professional in my field (software engineering), have my own family, have no mental issues and understand why a hiding is important. I was never beaten, I received hidings and will give my children hidings if they deserve it. Receiving hidings taught me to respect my parents, something that is missing in society today. Multiple religions support the idea about chastising you children. This is the case for thousands of years. If you do not give your children hidings, you do not love them.

  • There's a right way and a wrong way to do it.

    It is absolutely wrong to use fear as a control for children. It is okay to use corporal punishment for certain situations as long as both the adult and the child understand what the punishment is for. Children should also have a chance to explain themselves. That's how my parents did it. If I had an "alibi" that I could prove as a reason why I didn't do something, I wasn't in trouble. Or, if I could explain why I did something and the reasoning was sound, I was off the hook. In this way my parents not only disciplined effectively with corporal punishment, but simultaneously taught me valuable skills in reasoning and debate.

  • Toughen kids up.

    I am a 17 year old senior and I was physically punished as a child and I maintained good grades played three sports and will be playing college football and am very disciplined and tough. I think it toughens you up as a adult and teaches you right from wrong.

  • Bring back the old ways

    Children these days are punished in ways that are not effective like in the old days. My neighbor punished her children with a wooden spoon and all her children are respectful and are holding good jobs. In my opinion the older ones who are out of the house are thankful for the discipline that has made them such good people.

  • "I did my best parenting before I had kids too"

    When used appropriately, spanking can be an effective behavioral modifier.
    There must be consequences for behaviors and each child responds to consequences as well as rewards differently.
    Corporal punishment can certainly be used improperly as can any behavioral modification tactic, such as over-rewarding with candy and gifts.
    Until children are capable of following higher level reasoning, a light smack on the bum or back of the hand and a sharp "NO" are are an effective means of getting an important message across. Higher levels of reasoning should always be verbalized, no matter the age.

  • a certain extent

    What ever happened to good old fashioned parenting. Look at these new generations, so spoiled, so apathetic, so idiotic, ignoring rules and regulations, smoking, drinking, having sex. We need some good parents to show their children exactly where society draws the line. As a child my parents used physical punishment, and as I got older, I became far more disciplined AND maintained a great, healthy, mature relationship with my parents. There is however a limit to physical force... I strongly resent parents who use insane methods of punishment, abuse their children, and bring harm to their children due to their own stupidity or carelessness. I do not support excessive force and I believe that parents who abuse their children should be subject to the full face of the law and justice. Overall, there should be a middleman. Parents should not ignore the foolishness of the youth, but at the same time, should not abuse their parental powers.

  • never!!

    Hitting a child is demonic in my opinion, no matter how old they are. If you hit a child a out of anger, you need to learn how to control your anger. Hitting, or even spanking a child makes them resent you and not want to be around you, even when they get older. There are so many other ways to discipline a child, and child abuse should NOT be one of them.

  • yes.

    To all you new age parents. You live in a dream world. There is a big difference between valid punishment and abuse. Children need and require love, support, and discipline. They need to be held accountable for their actions. They need to respect and listen to their parents. They need to know that their actions have consequences. Sometime painful consequences. In the real world there are no "timeouts". Society doesnt raise children. Parents do. Society is only left the mess to clean up after parents who dont do their job.

  • No

    i belive that using physical force to punish a child is wrong.The children who are spanked will grow apart from thier caretaker and may even become afraid of them.The kids in the future may think that it is okay to cause others pain and may become abussive.there are many ways to handle a child but physical force is the wrong way.

  • Who the heck would want to do that!

    Physical punishment is wrong because it can cause your child to do the same to their own children. It makes things worse. Then when you start to feel bad about the physical punishment of your grandchildren, you realize that you shouldn't have physically punished your child. You see this is a matter of life or death. If this physical punishment continues then it will become more popular and more people do it and then we all will start to randomly hurt people. You see, if you physically punish your child at their young age they will think that its okay to hurt people for any reason. You see if you physically punish your young child, they have no clue why you are hurting them. They will think that its okay to go and hurt people. This could hurt your child's thinking and their actions.

  • I am a victim and I can say it isn't nice

    Like the heading says, I am a victim and it isn't nice. My parents used their slippers or wooden cooking spoons or even their hands to hit me. They'd also swear at me about things like, I am good at nothing (I am the opposite, I am amazing at a lot of the subject and a few just average), I am not pretty (I don't eat enough) even though I look OK. I personally think my eyes are gorgeous. I am also SLIGHTLY fat. My parents say I am as thin as a pencil! It is ridiculous! It is not PRAISE! They are telling me to get fatter cause they think I am too thin when I am not!

    I am positive about myself but get depressed once in a while. I love school unlike most people. I think it's the best part of the day (shopping otherwise). Because I am not at home, where I have to face my 'parents'.
    My mum breaked down into tears a few times! She LOVES looking innocent. It is making me look like the bad person when I am the VICTIM. My dad shouts at me for random ridiculous reasons (impatience) and my mum is impatient too.

    I come from India and they thinking of sending me back to India because they are 'fed up' with me. They want me to suffer even more. Here in England, I can actually socialize and have classmates that are OK for one. They want to take that away too. AND make sure I can't see them AND my SISTER.

    My sister is two. She doesn't get hit but she does get shouted at a LOT by my dad. I feel bad and tell my dad not to do that (WHICH IS THE RIGHT THING) and he gets angry and says shut up you have not right to say that, be quiet do not interrupt me you will go to india.

    And yes, OF COURSE they would beat me when I go 'too far'. My mum's temper is absoloutely RIDICULOUS.

  • No, because no child should be subject to physical force.

    Children should not be punished by any physical means. If they are, then they grow into adults that are scarred and wounded for the rest of their lives. Tiger moms who allow their children to go through such harsh punishments, such as eating Tabasco sauce or taking cold showers for 15 minutes, should have the same done to them for every mistake they make as adults.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • Why would you do that?

    There are so many other ways of punishing children and verbal scoldings are already hurtful enough, so why subject them to this kind of "cruel and unusual" punishment? Is it because you hate them? Just tell them not to do it again or ground them for repeated offences. There's no need to beat them up! Besides, they will learn to be violent from this type of punishments. "Spare the rod and spoil the child?" I don't think so!

  • Because it's not needed!!!

    My parents have never laid a hand on me, I am now 17 years old, I don't drink or smoke, I study hard, make good grades, and have big plans for the future. A perfectly normal well raised child CAN be brought up without any violence. I always got the "disappointed" look and that was enough for me.

  • NO WAY!

    Hitting your child will only lead them into growing up an hating you. Also it can cause the child to not love you and feel the need to disrespect you every chance they get. Abuse is never the answer there are always ways to discipline an child such as taking there game system away etc. I am 20 years old an have had an very rough childhood. Where I was being abused by my stepfather and my mother did nothing to protect me, but encourage him to do it. Beating your child is never the answer don't do it it's wrong in everyday.

  • You're just teaching the child to use violence to solve their problems.

    The job of the parent is to be the responsible one, hitting or spanking your child is far from responsible and immature. Your child misbehaves and hitting them is the only logical solution you can come up with? Shame on you. Children need to be taught right from wrong and physical force only enforces the notion to use violence. Time outs, talking to your child will work. Yes it requires patience but you're the adult, act like it.

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Quan says2013-06-13T16:38:12.553
I'm not going to vote "No" because I don't consider it child abuse or anything. I just think it's lazy discipline that teaches the wrong lessons (or the right lessons for the wrong reasons).
UkDub says2016-11-22T16:36:16.970
Yes it is ok to hut that annoying little brat
UkDub says2016-11-22T16:42:06.910
Yes the bitches are annoying