• Yes ew noddel

    Noddels are bad pies are gr8 i eat a couple hundred a day
    my brother liked noddels so i threw him out the windoe that was fun then he survived so i told him to shove those noddels up his pot hole and he didnt so i threw him out the window again then he survived again so i drowned him in pie haha thats what you get for liking noddles YEEt hvHJb teeSsas

  • Yum! Yum! Yum!

    Pies are super tasty - I don't see any way that people could think noodles were better (no offense). They have more texture, Are sweeter, And you can eat them hot. The only reason why I think people don't like pies is maybe because they have diabetes or some sugar issue.

  • Apple pies yes

    Apples are yes. But what if we use bread on apple
    but what if we make apples correctly
    and bread correctly
    then we have pies and pies are literally the best thing ever
    and why not just replace your diet with pies
    do it
    cause it's healthy
    and also this one time someone died because they only ate instant noodles

  • There aren’t enough pies

    How many pies could you eat in one sitting? Maybe if grandma there and we’re smoking big doints in amish i could eat 20-30 pies. . . . Whereas i eat mad noodles on the daily maybe 500-600 noodles easy no problem also i hate madden it sucks fifa better than it haha

  • I prefer noodles

    There is more variety in noddle and they taste better h h hh hh hh h h hh h h h hhh h h h hhh h h hhh h h h hhh hhhh h h h h h hh h hh h h h h h hh h h h

  • No pies be worse

    Noodles be good yum yum and they are cheap. Pies take alot of time to prepare and you can quickly prepare noodles. It also depends on how they are prepared sometimes noodles aren't prepared well and pies would be better. You can get noodles and just make them rather than waiting to make and bake a pie.

  • Noodles are good

    Pies are bad Xd. They give you big diabeetus and cause you to be mega rip which does you a big oof and basically kills you so if you eat all the pie you die but noodle is good because it just bred and bred is good for you ok yea

  • Noodles are life

    They are. There's no question about it. Its one of the truths of life. The Flying Spaghetti Monster told the holy one. Its a fact, Set in stone like the meaning of life is 42. You can try to deny it but inside you will always know that noodles are the future. Noodles are the way forward. Anyone telling you otherwise is probably an evil CEO of a pie company attempting to take away your human rights to eat noodles. Listen to me. Noodles are existence. They are the past present and future.

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