Is pink for women and blue for men sexist (because blue is a better color)?

Asked by: hopeannemarie
  • Blue is the world's favorite

    Most people prefer the color blue. Blue is a better color than pink, which is not a good color. Blue is the color of the sky and pink is the color of a rash. The vast majority of adults prefer the color blue and many people dislike pink. So it's not fair.

  • It's not really "sexist".

    The definition for "sexism" is "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of gender". Prejudice, it's just natural it's associated. It just is. Pink and Blue are just associated with Female and Male, not really discrimination on that part. However, I guess the colors could be stereotypical, since blue IS the male color and pink IS female, but it's just how it is. (Don't know why it is, but it feels natural to me) "Blue is a better color", that's just an opinion.

  • It really is sexist in a way

    Everyone thinks we have to like pink. My school painted the boys bathroom this nice shade of blue and then painted the girls bathroom a gody shade of pink. I hate the color pink, everything girl related must be pink. Have you seen the toys section? For girls it's all Barbie and must be bathed in pink and glitter.

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  • Yes it is sexist

    I am a girl and i LOVE blue and i find pink (no offence to people who like pink) disgusting and everyone always says to me stuff like "do you like pink?" and then when i say "no i don't" they get really pissed off and say something like "you HAVE to like pink because you are a girl!" and it hurts my feelings that they get angry for me not liking pink just because i am a girl!

  • The whole concept of gender-specific colors are botched...

    The entire concept of pink and purple being 'feminine' colors and blue and orange being 'masculine colors' are botched and the entire concept of gender-specific colors are irrelevant in the 21st century. I myself admired the color purple at a young age, and I still do (I am a CIS male). Due to the difficulty of producing the color, purple was held in high regard in ancient and medieval societies. Purple and Tyrian pink once denoted a high rank in the roman empire (http://www.Mmdtkw.Org/VPurple.Html). God requested an offering of 'of blue, and purple, and scarlet' in the old testament (Exodus 25:4, KJV). Even today, the color is associated with Royalty (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Purple#Royalty). So purple, in some ways, is not so 'feminine' as it is associated with royalty.

    Possible #TW:male privelige

  • Pink and blue aren't really sexist.

    Blue being better is just an opinion, pink could be better to someone else. If you choose, you can create a sign where men are pink and women are blue. It's up to the person who makes the design to choose what colors to represent men and women. He could choose pink for women... But he could also choose blue. It's up to him to choose what color each gender is and for you it's up to you too. There's really nothing that says pink is for women and blue is for men. Just about all colors I can think of are gender-neutral actually. Pink may seem like a women's color, but it's gender-neutral.

  • Pink is a terrible colour (no offence) and everyone loves blue.

    I've just done a recent survey at my school of 500 and only 45 of them like pink. And for some reason people just say''oh mate cuz ur a girl, you are represented pink''
    for ex: have u seen school toilets. The girls ones are always pink and the boys ones are always blue. Its so annoying that just cuz ur a girl, people judge u saying u like pink, you've got a pink bedroom.

  • It is just a color!

    Pink originally was a man's a color and blue usd to be a woman's color but this swapped over time possibly due to preferences, WWII or even the feminist movement (http://forgottenhistoryblog.Com/pink-wasnt-always-considered-a-feminine-color-and-blue-wasnt-always-masculine/). It is just a color and people are going to prefer different colors (blue isn't going to be everyone favorite) and at the end of the day, it is just a color and I don't think it effects anyone to such an extent it bears worrying about.

  • A color is not sexist by itself

    The shade of color can bot be sexist if someone was to say

    girls like pink because it is the color of babies that would be sexist

    it was only about 120 years ago that pink was considered a very "fashionable color" for men to wear.

    I dont think a color can be sexist any more than the Toilet sign were the woman is wearing a skirt is sexist

  • Oh here we go...

    This is exactly the essence of feminism in america. I never thought of this but it will be the next form of oppression of women. They got stuck with the second best color. That,s why we have become victims of oppression and sexism, because of the color thing. My god, whats next.
    Funny though..

    Posted by: zoo
  • It Doesn't Have to be Either

    The reason blue and pink are the colors representing males and females is that it has been the norm for nearly a century, so people recognize signs without wording for gendered rooms. Text is one of the most expensive parts of a sign, so the less it requires to be effective, the better. Realistically, we could have green represent males, while red represents females, but no one would know what the signs meant. On top of that, simply because more people like blue does not mean that it is a superior color. The idea of colors being superior is an association just as abstract as relating colors to gender.

  • Its all about society

    Blue is a cool color, pink is a more soft, warm color. Don't you think you'd find something soft and warm in a female while the man is less soft and warm. Not sexist in my opinion. It just seems like everyone is looking at everything just to find something wrong with it and be offended by it.

  • Its just a color

    I like both colors. Its a matter of opinion. Some people might think that blue is nicer than pink and some might think that pink is nicer than blue. There are many sexist things in America and this is not one of them. There is nothing wrong with certain colors being associated with genders.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-03T01:21:50.047
Of course! It's clearly patriarchal microaggression.
hopeannemarie says2015-12-03T02:47:09.397
It being "just a color" is irrelevant. The majority of people prefer blue, and it is a form of discrimination even if it's small.