• I say yes

    I think the act of pinning another person down is abusive because they might not like it. That action could also scare them and cause pain on the part of their body that is being held down. I also think that it would cause emotional pain more often than not because they could be scared of your doing more harm to them after that action is taken or if they do it again and it goes farther.

  • It is Criminal

    It is by law a criminal assault and you can be jailed for such actions, It should be a warning, This is not horsing around this is a violent crime and people need to realize they need to behave better or face serious consequences for their actions, And some one might shoot you

  • I would have said no but people go to far.

    Pinning down someone who is being aggressive and violent is understandable. They seek to harm and it is for the best if they are immobilized.
    It is wrong when someone breaks some ribs and presses to hard. Like a gang of 5 burly police officers on a shrimp teen or an elderly person. There are other techniques to subdue someone. It is abusive because the victor crushes them on the floor

  • Yas it is

    The thing about pinning someone down is that although the reason might be very just (eg. Pinning down a bank robber so they can't get away), It does not deny the fact that it is abusive. Abuse is generally defined as harmful physical contact to someone else. Therefore, Even if pinning someone down in a situation is just, It is still abusive to the one getting pinned down.

  • Hate the player, Not the game.

    There is that element of personal injury characterised by a sense of false imprisonment, Coupled by a humilitation, But of all the physical prowess availed to the person pinning the other down (clearly the stronger of the two is obvious), For that person to choose to pin instead of, Say, Strangle, Or have the other bite the kerb, It is a measured response that extinguishes the exchange of physical violence to a standstill (i. E. , The pinned is expressing push in the opposite direction, In response to the push expressed by the one pinning).

    So, Because it is a power exercised to effectively achieve a standstill instead such powers be translated into something of greater physical force to be inflicted unto either party, It cannot be said to be abusive, Being the economically pacifist (that is of course, Unless the one pinning exploits his positional advantage to inflict greater pain) approach.

    Furthermore, The quality of abuse in any act is only qualified by the recipient; evidence of this is then inferred from the relationship of trust and confidence between the abuser and the abused; so naturally, It is inherently bias when someone claims abuse, And highly dependent on the circumstances (e. G. , Was there provocation? ). So, Again, Quite naturally, Being that the abused is the defeated, And the abused the victor in an exchange of physical stimuli, The abused would expectedly claim abuse. So, Objectively speaking, As well, No, It cannot be abuse.

  • The question is too vague.

    The photo accompanying the question shows police pinning someone down, So I can only assume the question has to do with polive pinning down suspects.

    Based on that assumption, I would have to say no, Pinning someone down is not abusive. Unless a person is resisting arrest or behaving any other way that makes the police believe they'll cause trouble, It's unlikely the police will pin you down.

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