Is "Pitch Perfect 2" proof that women can be as funny or even funnier than men?

  • Women are funny too.

    Pitch Perfect 2 and other movies are definitely proof that women can be as funny as men. Humor can be a subjective subject. Different people have different ideas of what is the best types of humor. The cast in the movie all have their own takes on what is funny which bridges the gamut. I really enjoyed the humor in the movie as much as I enjoyed the humor in any other movie.

  • Women can be as Funny as Men

    Pitch Perfect 2 is a comical movie that centers around a predominantly female cast. The fact that the movie was able to secure a sequel shows that enough people found the first movie funny to renew for a second time around. This is proof that women can be as funny as men and can be successful in comedy.

  • Its a movie

    This is an absolutely retarded statement. One, this movie proves nothing either direction and two funny women are funnier than unfunny men and vice versa. In order to determine if women or men are funnier it depends on your preference in comedy, jokes and delivery. Also I would be interested in knowing who wrote the scripts.

  • Pitch Perfect 2 is funny but far from an equality game.

    Pitch Perfect 2 is a comedy. Pitch Perfect 2 features a predominately female cast, but Pitch Perfect 2 is not some feminist manifesto for the new age. Today it seems everything must be dissected and inspected under the feminist microscope to find anything, even when not there, that will fuel agendas. Pitch Perfect 2 is a comedy, and sometimes folks, a cigar is juts a cigar.

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