• No, I dont think that pixar is still creating fresh plot ideas.

    No, I dont think that pixar is still creating fresh plot ideas because the movies have advanced so much between when all their movies came out and now that I dont really think that they could make another movie up to the expectations us 90's babies have about their movies.

  • Yes, Pixar is still creating fresh ideas.

    The Pixar studio has won many awards due to their quality work in terms of film production. Over the years, they have won over twenty Academy Awards, not to mention the Golden globes and Grammy
    Awards. They continue to win these awards because of their quality, animated films. Their success could only have been because people like what they produce. Despite, the animated characters being the same in a series of production like, “Toy Story” the theme has always been created in a fresh and creative manner.

  • Pixar is still creating fresh ideas!

    Although the movie industry lately seems repetitive, I do think that big companies like Pixar are still coming out with fresh ideas to keep us entertained.. I do understand that eventually they will run out of idea's though, there's a movie out there for every situation possible! Not sure I'll be enjoying movies in the future!

  • No, Pixar is no longer creating fresh plot ideas.

    On one hand, it would seem like the bar for good children's movies and TV is relatively low. Children in many cases are easily entertained, and so creating such material would seem to be easy. Yet at this point in the history of the development of our entertainment media, the tastes of child audiences are increasingly sophisticated, and not just any variety of slapstick humor can keep their interest. That said, I would have to argue that Pixar is not living up to this challenge.

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