• Yes Planned Parenthood is too extreme

    Yes, I believe that Planned Parenthood is too extreme, especially when it comes to advancing their liberal agenda including providing abortions for everybody. I think that Planned Parenthood advocates too much for abortion-related services, and that they do not focus enough on other important factors affecting women such as cancer treatment.

  • Yes, they are.

    Many people argue that robots take away people's jobs. While in a sense, yes, they do replace workers in a certain setting, but there are jobs opening up behind the scenes in creating, designing, building, and maintaining robotics. Robots allow people to do repetitive mechanical tasks in short periods of time, with precision, as well as really delicate procedures that human hands don't have the finesse to do, such as internal surgeries.

  • In many ways

    Just last month their representative testified that she would let a born alive infant from a failed abortion die. She was acting as the official spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. On top of that they have been known to cover up rape and pedophilia. They deliberately give away inferior condoms so that women are more likely to get pregnant when they use them. The list goes on and on.

  • 98% of Planned Parenthood's services provided are for women's health.

    The VAST majority of services provided by Planned Parenthood are for women's health, like cancer screenings, gynecological exams, mammograms, and family planning services. In many regions, particularly rural ones, Planned Parenthood provides the only such services accessible to women living near or below the poverty line. It is the anti-choice contingent that focuses so much on the whopping 2% of their services that are abortion related.

  • Definitely not too extreme.

    Planned Parenthood has such a bad reputation, when what their goal has been all this time is to allow people the freedom to make the most difficult decisions in a safe, educational environment that is affordable. Allowing people to be able to get abortions, and free condoms, and STD and sex information isn't extreme at all, it's just a necessary service.

  • Only Extreme Anti-Choicers thinkso

    Nobody who is thinking clearly thinks that planned parenthood is extreme in any light. Yes they provide abortion services however that is a small bit of all they do. Which includes STD testing and cancer screenings to low income people. Some facilities don't even give abortions. There is no evidence other than biased anti PP propaganda that they give defective condoms, force women into abortions or lie about effectiveness vs failure

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