Is plastic surgery a good way to pursue beauty?

Asked by: drsyjeon
  • Fake sells, to an extent

    When i watched the wonderful and slightly tongue in cheek drama "Breast Men" I saw the good, and the bad of the plastic surgery industry. Focusing on breast implants, it started as an objectification of women, but in the end, a group of women enjoy modifications. Most importantly, it can give some women confidence that they didn't have before.

  • Plastic surgery good for beauty purpose

    All over the world, the plastic surgery is helping men and women feel more confident in themselves. It is a booming industry creating thousands of new jobs in the four corners of the globe. It is repairing people, physically and mentally. There are many reasons that people choose to get plastic surgery but three of the most popular reasons to have plastic surgery are: health issues, self-esteem, and society acceptance

  • Plastic surgery hides true beauty

    Yes, plastic surgery helps many people to feel confident. But there are many more people who will be unsatisfied with one surgery and may go in for one more. And another. And more until the costs rise above the rooftops. People should accept their true beauty and not try to change it.

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