• Yes it is

    You suppose to Love yourself and not try to change anything by surgery God made you this way and you have to accept that... The worse part is that people do anything to get the money for it like sex,rob,etc and then day they not doing anything bad.. Well that's enough said I'm against it! "

  • Yes it is a sin

    When we don't Love ourselves enough, we are exuding the energy of not being worthy of someone else Love. We then have created a false reality and mindset of "No one Loves me, no one cares". How can we be worthy of Love when we can't see the worth within ourselves? And it isn't until we grasp this lesson that we can finally learn how to also truly Love someone else. The more you pick at yourself

  • Yes it is a sin

    When we don't Love ourselves enough, we are exuding the energy of not being worthy of someone else Love. We then have created a false reality and mindset of "No one Loves me, no one cares". How can we be worthy of Love when we can't see the worth within ourselves? And it isn't until we grasp this lesson that we can finally learn how to also truly Love someone else. The more you pick at yourself

  • Yes it is

    God gave you a body, if not for him you wouldn't be alive today. Always appreciate the body God gave you. No matter what thank him for the positive and sometimes the negative. God is not unreasonable. He did it for a reason. Maybe God wants to make you unique.

  • The beautiful image- our feel of beauty verses. God's beauty :

    Did god make us ? Yes before I start I would like to say that when reading one of the comments Yes It's a SIN a very bad sin -On the red side I did get really mad when they stated "forget about God" forget about you then if it wasn't for God you would have not been born. And the people on the red side have low self esteem so they think that changing god image is right I know you may not have the perfect face you what but you have to understand put it in this way you made a art and you worked hard on it and you love it and think it's beautiful but someone hates it so they go and erase everything and re-do it over I believe everyone would get mad/sad it's the same thing god made all of us pretty don't need no makeup to cover up or with plastic to pro claim your stated image you can get mad at me but just remember beautiful defines what's in the inside not out.

  • Yes. It is a sin.

    God has chosen for us to be what we are. We cannot just change our faces because we want to. Learn to love yourself. It is not God who makes people judgmental. It's people and our evil ways that cause the judgments. So don't say that God makes people that way. God has created us in his liking. Be glad that our father wants us to be like him.

  • Please never change your image, learn to love yourself

    It is a sin. God created you with his own image and likeness, why would YOU change it? You were born that way! You should learn how to love yourself! God sees us the way he sees everyone. God will never know who you are after your surgery he'll completely forget you because he does not know you! Lets say he wants you that way and you plan to change what he has given you. He know you that way. That's your image! So please don't change it. Stay natural everybody likes natural. You can be beautiful in your own ways. Well you could still look beautiful naturally just put it in your mind that you're beautiful believe in yourself!

  • Yes it's a sin

    Yes it's a sin to have plastic surgery because it how God had created you doesn't matter if they born not good looking in God's eyes we all good looking. If they had an accident and the looks on the face is bad or burned that's a different story something like that.

  • No marks on your bosy

    We are to keep our bodies holy! Most want to draw attention to themselves causimg lustful vain imaginations and that's wrong I don't care if u say its for me amd my husband only its vanity and that's a sin! Exercise people ok stop being lazy I've proved time and again that with prayer and swlf control and determination I can defeat anything and have there are natural ways ro lose weight and lift yourselves laziness is a sin as well!

  • Yes, ungrateful for God's gifts.

    Plastic surgery is certainly a sin. It states in the bible that the body is a temple. Choosing to get plastic surgery not only desecrates the body but shows a complete disregard for the gifts that god has given you. Also pride and vanity is one of the 7 deadly sins and if plastic surgery is not vanity than I don't know what is.

  • Not All Plastic Surgery Is The Same....Let's Not Judge

    Let's define sin. The definitions are as diverse as those reading this post. Reconstructive surgery is not sinful. A burn victim is not sinning by using plastic surgery as part of recovery. And, the heart of the woman who has a nose job? Who are we to assume? Or judge?

  • Outside Matching Inside

    If you are super friendly, with a fun vital personality much younger than your actual age... What harm is there in a little work here and there so your outside matches how you feel inside...? Also... Don't you paint your house or pick up and replace a shutter that has fallen down? So why not eat healthy, exercise, and if you need a little work... Like a little lift or tightening... Why not? The problem comes in extremes in anything! But a little bit is fine as long as it is not at the expense of your character... Plastic surgery should allow you to reflect your best self to match how you feel inside... Not become an obsession... That is when it becomes a sin...Also... There are now many less expensive non invasive ways to help you stay looking as vital as you feel like red led light treatments that promote collagen growth, tighten skin. And help with arthritis so many things that today's Christian can do to reflect their inner being require less expense and invasion than traditional plastic surgery..

  • Depends on intention

    Plastic surgery is a sin if its intention is for vanity and selfish ambition which opposes the humility that God wants us to have. However, it is not a sin if a person's born with deformity, an accident causing disfiguration of the face and body. It's naturally okay to want to fix it to look "normal". If so make up and braces would also be a sin. It really depends on the "intention". If the intention is restoration, I say why not, however talking and praying to God should be the first consultation.

  • I do not think plastic surgery is a sin

    I do not believe that plastic surgery is a sin because it does not say so in the bible the only thing i can really think of that is is to become a transgender because that would mean that you aren't just improving yourself.You are actually changing yourself .I think plastic surgery is fine because you are just helping yourself look a little better which i think i will do when i get older and start noticing little things that may need to be improved.I also did a little research and found some facts that support my opinion.I do not mean to offend anyone i am just stating my opinion.Here are the links-transgender-http://www.Gotquestions.Org/transsexualism-gender-identity-disorder.Html . Plastic surgery-http://www.Gotquestions.Org/plastic-surgery.Html

  • How would it possibly be a sin?

    Plastic surgery is not a sin because it is not a disrespect to God's plan for you, it is an enhancement towards what potential God gave you to be the best you can be. For example, I have a huge bulge in my stomach because of a surgery I had to remove an ovary when I was 8 years old. Ever since then there has been a huge pocket of fat underneath my bellybutton that didn't go away, even when I was anorexic at 84 lbs. IT DOESN'T GO AWAY AND IT IS A DEFORMITY, and none of the issues I had with an eating disorder would have existed if I could have just got plastic surgery to remove this lump. Now I plan on doing it, and screw all you idiots who think God would be mad at me for that. I am sinning less by doing so, because if I have to live with this uncomfortable lump any longer, I will perform the ultimate sin of suicide. This surgery would save my life, so I don't see the problem.

  • What's the difference with makeup?

    If you say its a sin, then make up is too.
    So people have surgeries because they dont like themself?How is that different from make up? They cover flaws.
    Yes, of course we are disrespecting God, but if not having surgeries make us do more sin, isnt it better to have surgeries?
    The only difference of plastic surgery and makeup is that surgeries are permanent.

  • Just don't judge

    Some people do the surgery not because they want to be a beauty queen. But simply just to look 'normal'. And as some people say. You don't know how it feels because you are not walking in their shoes. So stop judging. 'Normal' means when you are walking in a crowd no one would notice you being different, looking at you differently, and they just want to walk with confidence. I bet when the surgery is done, they will able to do more than they would do with no plastic surgery. And the most important is they are not decreasing they faith in God. They still thank God for the ability to do the surgery. God still give the Best. The best feeling to feel free walking as they are. Yes, They do the surgery for them self, their confidence, but so they can do more for others and God.

  • No its not

    Its not a sin, because you are not harming your body. If a person feels bad about his facial structure, why shouldn't he correct it? Why should they suffer about it and follow advices like: "Just be yourself". Proportions of body and face are important. Especially in the 21st century

  • No,plastic surgery is not a sin

    Plastic surgery is just another tool to fix deformaties or make someone feel better about themselves.If God gave certain gifts and skills to certain people and this may very well be his way of approving plastic surgery in a spiritual sense that certain people may just not be able to understand.

  • What about disfigured people?

    If someone was born with a horrific deformity on their face, which meant that every time they left the house they were ridiculed and insulted, would you still say "love what god gave you?" Of course you wouldn't, that would be an extremely ignorant response from a person that was most likely happy with their own appearance, oblivious to the fact that every person has their own issues, I understand that this is a different circumstance than just having some work done on your face but who knows what is going through the mind of those that have surgery? They may burst into tears whenever they see a particular feature on their face, rendering them unable to function socially. Please don't jump to conclusions about others, educate yourselves first!

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