Is Playboy Magazine an appropriate forum for interviews with presidents, politicians and other eminent individuals?

  • Playboy does great interviews.

    We all know what playboy is mostly about: it's the display of naked women. But, the interviews done by playboy are great and often go unnoticed. I think it's a great forum for interviews with presidents, politicians, and important people. The interviews are candid, and it's time to get past the squeamishness.

  • Why Not Playboy Magazine

    Playboy Magazine, unlike some of its competitors, has a reputation for quality articles and even the nudity is more tasteful than some others. Why not publish interviews with presidents, politicians and other eminent individuals there? There is an old joke about people buying Playboy for the articles, but there is actually truth to it. I've read and enjoyed Playboy myself and I'm a female who doesn't seek out female nudity.

  • Playboy demeans women

    I really wish that politicians would care enough about women and women's equality to refuse interviews with Playboy magazine. I am not "squeamish" about nudity or about sexuality. But I think Playboy puts down women, demeans and objectifies us, and alienates all of us from our authentic sexual desire. I don't think it should be seen as progressive or as legitimate news media.

  • Playboy is not an Appropriate Forum for Serious Interviews

    No, Playboy Magazine is not an appropriate forum for interviews with individuals such and presidents and politicians. As a pornographic magazine, Playboy reinforces a viewpoint that women are to be objectified for male enjoyment. This flies in the face of the notions of equality for which the United States claims to stand.

  • No politicians need to stay in the mainstream press

    While I think Playboy magazine is fine for adults, I would be very upset if any of my kids wanted to read this magazine because President Obama or whoever has an interview in it. Politicians should stick to the mainstream news organizations where people of all ages and all backgrounds can read about them.

  • No, I don't feel it's appropriate.

    There's an old saying or joke that goes like this: "But I get Playboy Magazine for the articles!" And while Playboy does sometimes contain valid articles, I don't think it's a suitable magazine for professionals to be interviewed in. The reason is because it turns women into objects, and if I were a man, such as the U.S. President, I would try to distance myself from that sort of mentality, which comes across as sexist. It also is more of an unprofessional type of magazine.

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